1966 Corvette Convertible Factory 427 450HP Car, Early Production Black On Black

1966 Chevrolet Corvette for sale in Nixa, Missouri, United States

Condition: Used
Item location: Nixa, Missouri, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Type: Convertible
Year: 1966
Mileage: 65,120
VIN: 194676S102681
Color: Flat Black
Engine size: L72 427 CI 450 HP
Number of cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Chevrolet Corvette 1966


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We recently acquired this 1966 Corvette Convertible that is a great overall presentable car. The car is not perfect by any means,but not a complete project type of car like many others. It is a great dependable driver type mid-year corvette that does not overheat and can be driven just about anywhere. That is unusual as most big block cars tend to overheat and cannot be driven in regular types of traffic. We have personally driven this car around town in very high heat days and it will set there and idle just like any other car without any issues that I have seen nor experienced. We have actually owned this corvette before, several years ago in fact, back in 2007 where then we sold it locally to a gentleman that did in fact enjoy and drive the car around and did not just let it sit. Back in 2007 we purchased this 1966 corvette out of the St. Louis area where in fact that person had owned the car since the early 80's. When we sold the car back in 2007 locally, we did install a new set of reproduction side mount exhaust system and added the rally style wheels as it had a set of older custom mag wheels at that time. That owner that we sold this car to back in 2007 sold the car around 2013 and the car changed hands only twice that I know if since then. Sadly that gentleman that we first sold it to passed away in 2015. The car back then had much of its original paint with the exception of where the small fender flares had been done and spotted in back then. In around 2010 the owner that I originally sold this vehicle to decided to have it repainted in flat black and that is the way the car is today. It was done nicely and is not a primer finish. It actually is a painted flat finish. If someone wanted to paint it a gloss finish, I do not see it being a major job to do if desired. Other than the flat paint and the very small and mild fender flares, the car is much original and complete. It does have all of the original headlights and the do work properly, it has all of the original bumpers in presentable shape, trim, emblems, etc. The doors open and shut with ease and fit exceptional. Also the hood and rear deck lid for the convertible softop fit excellent. There are no big gaps and line up all nice including the headlights. It does still have the original grill assembly and the chrome is still overall very presentable. The stainless steel windshield trim is complete and in good shape, but does have a few scratches from a windshield wiper blade at some time. It does still have the original dated windshield including all side window glass in amazing shape! In fact there are no chips or nicks and no real hard scratches in the glass! I was shocked to see that. The side glass do roll up and down easily and the crank vent windows also open and shut as well.Other than the flares the body is mostly all original with only a few repairs at sometime. The inner bonding strips are still visible throughout the car even with the flares that are on it. The flares were cut out many years ago but I have since purchased a set of all four corner sections that is shown in the one photo if someone desired to put the fenders back stock. A friend of ours found these recently at a swap meet and I bought them to go with the sale of this car. We did remove the bumpers and cleaned both sides and buffed them out on our buffer to make them look as good as they can. They are not rusted out and are good presentable bumpers with brackets and new bumper bolts and hardware. We also replaced the side emblems and rear deck lid emblem. There is suppose to be a lower hood emblem on this car and those small holes have been filled in. That emblem can easily be installed back onto the car. It does have the original hood and is not a repo. You can still even see the original yellow snot glue that holds the original weatherstripping around the top edges. This corvette was born an original big block car and does have all of the signs of being one. So this corvette is not a clone or recreation big block car. It does have the hood support on the driver's side, high rpm 6,500 red line tachometer, 80 LB oil pressure gauge, sway bars, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that this car was a true original born big block corvette.
We did remove the back-up lamps and installed another set of tail lights like the earlier mid-year corvettes. We also replaced them with new LED ones that you can see much better. These simply plug in with the lens attached and can be changed back to stock.
INTERIOR:The overall interior on this car is driver quality. It does though have a near perfect set of original dash pads with no cracking or any evidence of repairs. They actually have flex in them and are not old and brittle. Amazing shape is what I can say about them. All gauges are original and look good with some fading showing but not excessive. The steering wheel is nice and original with no cracks as well. The console is original along with the glovebox door. Presentable shape but not show quality perfect. Seat belts are are still intact with labels visible. The original am/fm optional radio does work and the original power antenna setup is there but not operating. The seats are carpet do show some age and wear and appear to have been replaced at one time. There are no rips or tears but are just driver quality. The shifter handle is a correct looking one, but does have hurst linkage. The car does have a 5-Speed Richmond Transmission and I was able to run down a shift pattern decal that looks like the original one to go onto that console. The rear jack storage board is original to the car and still has the jack instruction label on it but is wearing off. We did replace the inside and outside mirrors and crazy enough the inside rearview mirror was still dated coded. The glass was still good, but the mirror would not hold its position. I did save that along with anything I have replaced or changed and does go with the sale of this car. The gauges all work except for the odometer that recently quit. The tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure, temp, gauges all do work. The speedometer is off about 15 miles per hour and I have never gotten around to change the gear in the transmission to correct that. The clock is the other gauge that is not working. Emergency brake does still work as most do not.
FRAME AND CHASSIS:Nice solid original frame with only surface rust and very little pitting. Very good for being 52 years old. It has definitely been inside and out of the harsh weather elements. With that said it is not all detailed like a frame off car would be. It is presentable and nice enough to put on a lift and show for viewing purposes but it has not been apart all that much. A person could spend some time and detail the frame and suspension as the dirt and fiberglass floor pans can be cleaned with lacquer thinner and degreaser to look like new. I did see where it has had a newer monoleaf fiberglass rear leaf spring added for better handling and a softer ride, Koni shocks all around, front ball joints have been replaced at sometime, but other than that the frame has no repairs or evidence or repairs. The side exhaust system has been added and the mufflers have been fitted into the headers that are on this engine. Front and rear sway bars are visible and look original to this car. The bell housing is stronger and more of a race part to accommodate that 5-speed transmission. The car is missing the rear tire tub compartment that would hold a spare tire that I do not have. There is also no jack or lug wrench with the car. The car definitely has alot of potential to make even nicer or just drive and enjoy like it is.Please note that the one chassis photo of the rear of the car does not show the original sway bar on the car. I have that and plan oninstalling it back onto the car. We have bead blasted it and refinished with new bushings and have not had the time to install it backonto the car but we will before it leaves our facility.This corvette does have alot of potential to either go back to original and turn into a resto-mod like many our doing these days. With that 5-Speed Transmission that this corvette has, makes for great highwaycruising with that extra gear. The car also has a 1967 style upgraded dual master cylinder for the brakes.
I did send off and received the NCRS Shipping Data Report on this Corvette.The VIN # on this Corvette was:
194676S102681 (This was the 2,681st corvette built out of 27,720 total for this 1966 model year)
This was a early 1966 corvette built on Friday October 8th, 1965.
The original delivery dealer was Dealer code; 291, Zone; 11.
The Original Location And Dealer Was:Bill Jacobs ChevroletJoliet, Illinois (Which Are Still In Business)
This was an original Tuxedo Black Exterior Car Code 900Only 1,190 corvette's were made in black in 1966
Interior Code Std which = standard black vinyl
Period Correct 1966 427 Corvette EngineCasting # 3869942: 427 ciEngine Block Date Code B 4 6 (February 4th 1966 4 months off from being correct for this car)Heads Casting # 3873858 (These are also dated In February I believe)Aluminum Intake Manifold (Correct # 3885069 )Transmission ( Richmond 5-Speed )The engine pad stamp does have the IP code for the horsepower of 425and an assembly date as well.So this engine is period correct, but just not the original one that came with the car when new.It is not like the corvette has a later 454 or a completely different engine that does even comeclose to what is in it.The engine has been rebuilt at one time and was done right with some race hardened parts.The engine does have a solid-lift camshaft, roller rocker arms and engine girdles for racing.The valve covers are non-original due to those added roller rocker arms and has had a newerignition set up with different plug wires. We did install a brand new correct Holley carburetorthat is the same number part # as the original one but just not date coded. That carburetoralone retailed for $759.99. Also all new linkage,new spark plugs, engine re-tuned, aluminum water pump rebuilt, new belts and a new fuelpump. The car runs out exceptionally strong and will impress most anyone when they getbehind the wheel of this corvette. The radiator is the original style and cools the engine well.We did change the anti-freeze coolant and changed the oil and filter with Lucas Hod RodClassic Car Motor Oil W/High Zinc in the oil. The oil pressure is very good and when we hadthe engine tuned our local mechanic did do a compression test and all cylinders were excellent.The transmission does shift good with no grinding of any gears and the clutch seems good.No unusual noises of any kind and it does sound wicked with those side pipes and that cam.It does definitely turn heads at any stop light or cruise-ins.
Overall this is a solid corvette with still several original parts and in good driveable condition that does notneed any mechanical work that I am aware of. The engine is very strong and like I mentioned before, can bedriven just about anywhere and it does run in pump gas. It does have a new set of 15 X 7 Rally Style Wheelswith the center caps of the 1967 model. The tires are in good shape and are blackwall radials, Pirelli brand,size 215/70 ZR 15 all four matching. They are balanced out nice with new reproduction trim rings.I do have a nice set of chrome plated bolt-on knock-off wheels mounted on redline coker radial tires all newthat I would sell at an additional cost if desired. They do not even have 50 miles on them.
This corvette only came with the one top, which is the softop when I bought the car, however I have a completehardtop that needs to be restored that I would sell at an additional cost of someone wanted the both top setup.
The softop on this corvette was replaced with a new black vinyl one along with the weatherstripping. It was replaceda few years back but still looks great and has no tears or flaws on it.
Now for those that did not know about the early 450 H.P. Corvettes. In 1966 the new L72 427 c.i. engine was ratedearly at first at 450 hp and not 425 like everyone knows. The very early cars, mostly serial numbers 3000 and earlier,had the 450 hp engine if they ordered that 425 hp option. This car we have for sale being serial number 2681 wouldin fact be one of them. There is one noted of serial number 3545 that was in fact still a 450 hp car. Governmenthorsepower ratings started to change and around that third week of November 1965 when these cars were being builtthat they started downrating the horsepower from 450 to the original 425 listed on the books. These early cars areunusal and very fast and were probably the fastest big blocks around that that time when initially released. It wasn'tuntil January of 1966 when they did actually de-tune the 450 hp to 425 hp.
The basics that I know that will need fixed and corrected are:Odometer not workingSpeedometer off by about 15 mph (Speedometer Does Work)Clock not workingPower antenna not operating (Radio Works Fine And Does Pick Up Stations)Heater core will need replaced (Temporarily Blocked Off So Can Still Be Driven And Not Leak)Horn not working
These are the obvious things that I am aware of. Headlights open and close with ease,wipers work, turn signals work, gauges work except the ones noted above, radio works, dashlights work, tailights work, so most everything on the car does still function. The emergencybrake still works as well. Brakes feel good and the car goes down the road in a straight line andnot all over the road.

The car is sold as-is no warranty. We have driven the car around about 150 to 200 miles and Ibelieve it is a good car but still you do need to realize that this is a 52 year old car and anythingcan happen. I would not have bought this car back if I didn't think it was a good one. I had originallyplanned on keeping this one for my personal car and do a few things to it to spruce it up, but Ihave several C3 models that need some attention and my time so I decided that I would list thiscar for sale and see where it goes. This is the first time that this corvette has been offered up forsale in many years. A neighbor of mine happened to stumble across the car and asked if it couldbe for sale as it was not even advertised and I was able to get it back thanks to him.
Over 75 Additional Photos Are Available Upon Request Of This Corvette If Needed.
Clear Missouri Title In Hands In Our Business Name With No Liens.
Upon winning bidder a $500 deposit is required within 24 hours to hold the vehicle. Full payment duewithin (3) to (5) business days, however if more time is needed please contact us first before biddingas we will gladly work with you to hold the vehicle in a reasonable amount of time. Once the vehiclehas been paid for we will hold the car at our facility for up to 30 days.
Payment can be made either by bank wire transfer, cash in hands, or a certified cashier's check.Please note that if payment is made with a check, the funds must clear our bank account beforeany release of title and or vehicle. No exceptions. There is classic car financing available if neededand I would recommend J.J. Best Banc & Co. out of New Bedford MA where they specialize inclassic car financing.
We Welcome Any Inspections Of This Corvette Done At Our Facility At Most Anytime. Please Give UsA 24 Hour Notice Before So That We Will Be Available To Show The Corvette. We Also Have A 4-PostDrive-On Lift To View The Car Underneath.
We Have Been In Business Since 1988 And Have Several References Available Upon Request.We have 100% Positive Feedback On Ebay and always like our customers to be satisfied.
We Are Located In Nixa, MIssouri, Just Minutes From Springfield, Missouri And The Local Airport If You WantedTo Fly In And View The Car For Yourself. Only 30 Minutes From The Branson Missouri area and approx. 200miles from the St. Louis region. We are in the southwest part of the state of Missouri.
Shipping COSTS are NOT included with the sale of this corvette, however we have several sources that wehave used in the past that are very reputable and will share that contact information to the buyer if needed.We can also help arrange for this all to happen as well. Once the vehicle is paid for, our sources can getright on picking the vehicle up and getting it to you quickly.
Questions can call either Nathan at (417)-773-0318 or Everett (417)-425-9629

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