Numbers Matching RS Z/28 add-ons - 3 owners - Top level show grade restoration

1973 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport for sale in Portland, Oregon, United States

Item location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
SubModel: Rally Sport
Type: Coupe
Trim: Rally Sport
Year: 1973
Mileage: 25667
VIN: 1Q87H3N183246
Color: Fathom Green
Engine size: Original 350-V8
Number of cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Turbo-350 automatic
Drive type: Rear differential 3:08 gearing
Interior color: Sadle
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1973

1973 Camaro Rally Sport (Real, not recreation)

Z/28 emblems and one-piece rear spoiler were added

*Number's Matching*

3 owners since new

All original documentation included

Most of us, even passionate car collectors, have our favorites. I have never wavered on the fact that 1970-1973 Camaro's have a corner of my heart. The first car I ever bought on my own was a '73 RS back in February of 1985 when I was 17 years old. I loved that car more than anything. I almost didn't make it through the 11th grade because of that car. All I wanted to do was drive. Since the 1980's I've owned many of them. None can hold a candle to this one. This Rally Sport sets the water mark. They say start with the best. So that's what I did. I purchased this car several years ago from the family of the 2nd owner. This was already a wonderful and low mileage Survivor before I painstakingly restored her. I pinched no pennies. The end results certainly support that claim. Call it reliving my youth but the restoration process of this car was a joy from start to finish. I ended up at least $10,000 over my original budget but striving for greatness can do that sometimes. My latest investment total is touching $38,000 and that figure doesn't include countless man-hours and favors I received from skilled craftsman along the way. Those relationships are priceless. Every dime has been intelligently spent. I'm not disappointed one bit! I wanted a spectacular RS and that mission has been accomplished.

I know almost everything about this car from day-one when she was purchased new at Weiler Chevrolet here in Oregon City. The first owner had the car until 1980. The second owner lived in Vancouver Washington (right across the river from Portland Oregon) and had the car until just before his 21st birthday in 1981 when a motorcycle accident took his life. Randy's family couldn't bring themselves to sell his Camaro. His older sister Cindy kept the car in her garage for over 30 years. Untouched, dormant and dusty. She and her husband decided to sell the car 7 years ago which is when I got it. In fact, the garage this car sat in all that time was only a few miles from my home. This is an outstanding car. Even though the exterior photos are beautiful, the most impressive pictures are of the undersides. The original undercarriage is gorgeous and looks near new. That's original red oxide primer showing on the underside photo display. NO rattle can or repainting of any kind. Undersides are NEVER like this. The body, paint, interior, trunk, engine compartment and drivetrain are all simply amazing. I did everything with quality in mind at all times. The paint finish is second to none and surpasses show-worthy. My investment is this car is well represented with the final results. What separates this car from the rest is in all of the details. No nook or cranny overlooked. You will search long and hard to find a nicer example. This was a labor of love. I wasn't watching my checkbook and I didn't care. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so I will stop myself here for now. Enjoy the photo layout. The first few photos should do a fine job of conveying the high caliber of this car.

I will make a few brief comments under certain pictures throughout the photo display. All of my eBay experiences have been enjoyable over the years as I've sold members of my collection. I'm grateful for the kind words and compliments I've received. My opinions have guided me well and I stand behind them but please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and observations and they may differ from your own even regarding a vehicle this close to perfection. I welcome showing my Camaro in person during the auction to anyone with genuine interest. I live very near the Portland Oregon Airport and would gladly pick you up. Each photo shows the car clearly and accurately from as many angles as I could think of. It is my intention to make this as close to you seeing and touching it for yourself as possible. Feel free to click on the "ask a question" link here in the auction and I will respond to all polite questions. Phone calls are great too. My telephone number is503-575-0404and calls between 8AM and 9PM Pacific time are just fine. My auction runs for 7 days and is scheduled to end on Monday evening, the 23nd of September at 7:30PM Pacific.

BUY-IT-NOW option- I reserve the right to end my auction early in the event I accept a genuine offer and the Camaro becomes no longer available.

*If you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, PLEASE contact me to confirm your bidding activity as genuine.*Everyone, please be sure to read my terms of sale located near the bottom of this screen. I'm a reasonable and kindhearted person but I will not bend on these basic terms unless previously discussed during the auction. A little communication goes a long way

I set a below actual value reserve price on my Rally Sport. All that I ask in return is for your bids to be real and your intent to purchase be sincere. I personally took every picture you're about to see in my driveway. No photo has been altered or enhanced in any way. This is my Camaro and these pictures are true to her in-person appearance. Thanks for your time, DAVE


I did take some personal liberties during the restoration process. I added the 1970 style one-piece rear spoiler and Z/28 emblems for appearance purposes. One of my favorite GM colors has always been 1969 Corvette Fathom Green. So that's what she is. No one knows it's not the original color unless you tell them. The car was almost completely disassembled and taken to bare metal. And beautiful metal it all was! Every body panel is day-one original. NO replacements or reproductions. I have photos of the refinishing process. Please note: The body of this car was rock-solid before I started and I still spent $12,000 on the body and paint refinishing in 2014 at one of the best facilities on the West Coast. That figure would be over $15,000 today. The paint on the car is nothing short of spectacular and very near perfection. There are no blemishes to mention. I don't loosely throw around terms like arrow straight, etc... In all honesty, the body is laser straight with a glass smooth finish and mirror-like reflections in every panel. Reflections this clear are normally reserved for high quality black paint. This car is the exception. You can see yourself clearly on every body panel. All chrome and exterior trim and moldings are excellent. Fit, finish, panel gaps and alignment are outstanding. Both doors, trunk lid and hood close perfectly. No abuses of body fillers. Genuine 1973 metal. Absolutely beautiful from every angle and view.

The vintage

The vintage license plates will only be included to an Oregon buyer. I intend to keep them for another member in the collection. Current registration and Pacific Wonderland special plates will accompany the car.

Anything that looks like a body flaw is simply reflections from the surroundings in the crystal clear finish.

The interior requires no excuses. I was tempted to change it to black during the restoration and received that advice more than once. I held firm on the Saddle interior. Now, that the car is done, everyone that recommended changing the interior to black is saying "I'm so glad you didn't change it!" It's stunning and the car is 100% a one-of-a-kind without sacrificing 1970's correctness. Seats, carpet, door panels, headliner, dashboard, etc, are all gorgeous. Compliments are never ending regarding every area of the car (especially the paint) but the interior generates nonstop flattering comments every time I take her out. It is beautiful.

All gauges, lights, heater, wipers, turn signals, back up lights, horn and sound system function properly. I even added remote keyless entry and Bluetooth hands-free phone.

Yes, power door locks & Bluetooth.

What can I say? The motor compartment is as highly detailed as possible. While the body was disassembled and front clip removed, 2 weeks were spent on the engine bay with many items sent out for powder coating. This is NOT a spray paint restoration. Even the core support has been powder coated. Just about every nut, bolt and screw was replaced as needed. Certainly show worthy.

ORIGINAL!!! Not repainted or restored in any way! This is the factory original undercarriage. NEVER undercoated. I've never seen anything like it. Nobody that's seen the car has either. There is no logical explanation. Even for a low mileage and garage kept car these undersides are remarkable. The underbelly of my Camaro is like new. A simple steam cleaning was all that was performed to expose whats shown here. The factory applied red-oxide primer still has a gloss to it and shines. The gas tank, fuel lines and brake lines are all original. This mystery will go unexplained. Nicer, original undercarriage cannot be found.

Why sell her you might ask. I think I was chasing 30+ year old memories. I don't really wish I was 17 again. I like 51. Now that she's done it's time to pass her on to someone that will understand how incredible she is.

The car has never been damaged. Everything lines up better than when she left the assembly line.

I took every picture at my home.

Whether you're a lover of these cars like myself or simply appreciate having one of the best, it's difficult to not admire the condition of this car.

Notice the reflection of the red bricks from my driveway.

Panel alignment is superb. Body gaps are spot-on.

Looking down the sides of this car while down on your knees is nothing short of amazing. No waviness or washboard effect. Results this straight are difficult to attain.

Please note the radio station sticker in the rear window. It was carefully preserved during the restoration. KGON is a Portland Rock station that hit the air in 1974. Their stickers have gone through several versions over the years. This sticker is circa 1978-1979 issue. It had to stay!

All glass is crystal clear. Some very light superficial scratches on close inspection but all is very nice. The windshield is new.

The wheels and tires are of course new and specially fit to the car. Fronts are 18x8 with 245-40-ZR18 inch tires. Rears are 18x9 and wrapped with 275-40-ZR18 inch tires. I chose this tire because of the desired tread pattern.

See photo above for size info.

Everything addressed. All original wiring is 100% intact and in excellent shape. Notice the back-up's and license plate lights.

Nicer door jambs anywhere? Doubtful.

Cowl area appears as new.

I know, I know. I committed a sin by putting speakers in perfect 1973 door panels. I did not build this car with the intention to resell. I appreciate loud and clear quality tunes. My 70's and 80's music is concert level. All high end components. I also added power door locks as mentioned previously. These are technically 3-piece door panels. The center section insert can easily be replaced without the speaker. When I bought the car in 2012 a CRAIG 8-track stereo that was installed in 1977 was still in-place and functioning perfectly. I still have that unit and the 2 cases of 8-track tapes.

Door rubbers, all weather seals and window felts are new. I sourced NOS (new-old-stock) pieces when possible.

The entire dashboard area is stunning.

The dash section that houses the stereo can be replaced and that piece is readily available if the next owner would prefer an original radio. Again, I like quality tunes and hands-free phone.

Factory tachometer and full gauge instrument cluster. Everything functions correctly. Even the clock works sometimes but don't set your watch by it.

MINT, MINT, MINT! Trunk shows as new.

NOT restored. NEVER re-speckle painted. This area is 100% original and represents the 46 year life this car has experienced. They are never seen like this. All trunks back then got condensation. Not my car. The trunk is outstanding. This Camaro is the exception to soooo many rules.

I upgraded the original air cleaner, intake manifold and carburetor during the restoration. The dual snorkel is a Z/28 item and accessorized as such. The aluminum intake and carburetor were done to aid in performance.

All components work together beautifully. She starts easily cold, warm or hot. No ticks, misses, hiccups or abnormal noises of any kind. No lumpy cam, just a smooth and perfect idle with crisp and immediate throttle response.

Original, born with, only engine to ever reside under the hood. Numbers matching and fully rebuilt. Comprehensive rebuild with very, very few miles.

Even the original wiring in the engine compartment looks new.

The 3246 is the last 4 digits on the right side of the block pad behind the alternator and matches the Vin number on the car. My camera couldn't capture the entire line. The alternator and fuel line block the view. In person with your forehead inches away, these numbers are all visible- 3N183246

Full vehicle VIN- 1Q87H3N183246 Match!

Engine suffix of CKW dictates correct application and further supports that the car is numbers matching. The entire stamping is- T10618CKW.

Not that there are any doubts.

Yes, original gas tank, not a replacement.

I fought myself numerous times when it comes to the undersides of this car. I've been so tempted to detail/paint the rear end, leaf springs, etc, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Doing anything would alter the awesome original 46 year condition of the undercarriage.

The exhaust is of course new.

The Turbo-350 automatic transmission was gone through at the same time of the engine rebuild. It shifts flawlessly.

Original! Never re-primed or painted. I apologize for sounding like a broken record. I didn't even know how nice they were when I bought the car years ago. This defies any possible explanation. Factory, bare, never undercoated 1973 exposed undersides. Incredible is all that can be said.

She sits in her assigned spot with the rest of her garage mates. No fluid leaks on the floor.

Brakes, steering and suspension are all tight and sound. The car drives and performs like it looks.

These plastic plugs on the backsides of the rear quarter panels are rarely still in-place. Here they are.

Factory original.

Original brake and fuel lines. Notice the floor plug.

Even the factory rubber body mounts are still nice.

See the factory ink stamp on the rear leaf spring. That always wears off in a year or two. Right? How can it still be visible? So many things to love about this car. Among the very best in existence.

Ink visible on both leafs!

Dash Vin matches the title and registration. Last digits are also clearly stamped on the block pad behind the alternator.

Cowl mounted factory assembly line trim/data tag.

Clean, clear and genuine certificate of title. Exactly what any State in the US and Canada requires. Also proper for all shipping companies in the event she leaves the country. I sure hope she stays here.

As I mentioned near the beginning of this display, she was purchased new in Oregon then went just across the river from Portland Oregon into Vancouver Washington in 1980. These were the last plates and stickers issued prior to being untouched in the garage since 1981. The Gabriel rear air-shocks were still holding air. Yes, they still maintained the perfect "rake" all that time. She had that iconic 1970's slight raise in the rear. I installed all new shocks but kept the brochure. It's in the glovebox right where it's been for almost 40 years.

I'm hoping that my appreciation for this rare Camaro is contagious and that your impression is fully formed by now. My goal was to share detailed information, documentation and history about the car. Those things get lost when vehicles change hands multiple times. It is simply outstanding. I will miss this car and always know that it's one of the nicest anywhere.Thanks again-____________________________________________________________
Terms of Sale: 46yr old vehiclebeing sold AS-IS:
Please read and agree with the following:

I have describedmy Camaro honestly and to the best of my ability based on over 30 years ofowning and driving classic cars. This is one of the finest examples you will find. I have 100% faith in the drivability of my Rally Sport and everything is in excellent working order per my written description provided above. Although the paint is far too nice to have on the open road, I keep my fingers crossed that rock chips don't occur and enjoy driving her without concern (less than 300 miles since resto). From a reliability standpoint I would not hesitate making a cross country journey today but she is over 40 years old so routine service and repairs should be expected based on her age. Just my opinion, but my Camaro is beyond driver quality so extended road-trips should be avoided to preserve condition. I welcome showing my car in-person during the 7 day auction and encourage genuine buyers to come see her. If you are not comfortable with a sight-unseen purchase, please come see the car for yourself or have an independent inspection performedPRIORto bidding,NOTafter. Free and clear Oregon Certificate Of Title will be provided.I would appreciate thewinning bidder contacting me immediately upon end of auction just so the lines of communication are opened.My telephone number is503-575-0404

A $1000.00 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction ending preferably throughPayPaljust so we are both protected. Wire transfers and verifiable cashier checks are also acceptable. I'm an easy going person so if you need to make special financial arrangements please contact meBEFOREyou bid and I will try to help.I have been with the same bank here in Portland Oregon for 10 years and the Management staff knows me. You are welcome to contact them for your own security if you like. *The remaining balance in-full is due within 7 calendar days of auction end in the form of secure funds.* Some banks and credit unions do not finance vehicles of this vintage. Make sure if you are financing that your financial institution accepts the year and value of this vehicle before bidding and that my payment time-lines can be met. Please have your method of payment arranged prior to auction ending.TRANSPORT - SHIPPING

I am happy to be an active and hands-on part of this entire process from start to finish but the buyer is ultimately responsible for pickup or shipping of the vehicle and anypre-purchaseinspections need to be doneBEFOREauction ending. If you wish to have it shipped using a service, I will gladly assist in loading and be present for the transport condition formand other reasonable help. I will photo document that entire event. Locating a transporter is the buyers responsibility but I can make recommendations and share the relationships I've built in the transport industry. Vehicle transport has become very reasonable.I personally use a privately dispatched trucking company. Mike has handled my transport needs perfectly for the last several years with careful handling, excellent rates and fast service even all the way to the East Coast. I will provide contact info at your request. My location zip code is 97202. Coast-to-Coast transport isaround $1400.00 andeven less the closer you are to Oregon. Shipping to Australia, Europe and other Countries has also become affordable.

*If you are outside of the United States or Canada, youMUSTcontact me to confirm your bidding activity as authentic.*If you are an eBay memberwith negative history or have a (0) or even a low transaction score,I need to hear from youjust to verify your sincerity and accept your bids as genuine. We all started from (0) and I'm happy to give a leg up. I reserve the right to cancel bids at any point for these reasons. Email or phone contact is fine. Communication is all I ask.

I reserve the right to end the auction at any time if the vehicle is no longer available or otherwiseSOLD.

On Jun-16-14 at 10:55:31 PDT, seller added the following information:Just a quick note: June 16th, 2014
This update is primarily in response to the kind and complimentary communications I've received over the past few days regarding my Camaro. I had mentally prepared myself for the potential comments I thought I might receive from the self-proclaimed experts and Chevrolet "Guru's" out there that love to share their wisdom and opinions. The exact opposite has occurred and I felt compelled to express my heartfelt appreciation for the flattering emails I've received and enjoyable phone conversations I've had. When you put this much effort, time and expense into a car like this, it's gratifying to be told you did a beautiful job. No matter how old we are it's always rewarding to get a pat on the back. It's makes the sacrifices so much more worth while. I'm grateful that the decisions and choices I made have generated such nice remarks. Thank you, DAVE
It has been politely pointed out to me that I didn't say a lot about how my Camaro runs, drives, etc. Although most have accurately assumed that the car is very well sorted mechanically based on the overall high level of condition on the rest of the car, I decided to cover it here. Drive-train and related components are extremely sound. Engine and transmission have been rebuilt to stock spec's with very low miles on them and the rear end is church quiet. No lumpy camshaft or hard shift-kits. She's not an over built hot rod. Just smooth and crisp acceleration off the line and good power when kicked down into passing gear. I had the brakes gone through and worn front suspension items were replaced. In order to achieve the stance the car has, a coil was removed from each front spring and a 2 inch block was installed in the rear. New gas shocks in front with new adjustable air shocks in the rear. She rides slightly stiffer on a rough road due to those minor changes but hardly noticeable. Easily and inexpensively put back to stock configuration (height) if preferred. How my Camaro sits is one of her most appealing traits. I always say she looks like sex on wheels. I apologize if that characterization offends anyone. I will continue to enjoy receiving questions and comments so don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

On Sep-17-19 at 08:16:40 PDT, seller added the following information:

I'm not sure why my computer put the wrong date in the last note. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. I am a 2 finger typist. It is 2019! Anyway, I appreciate the response I've gotten. Thank you very much. It makes all the hard work that much more rewarding. DAVESeptember 17th, 2019

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