Killer and rare all numbers matching 1970 Z28 RS

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 R/S for sale in Tampa, Florida, United States

Item location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Trim: Z28 R/S
Year: 1970
Mileage: 35600
VIN: 124870N515506
Number of cylinders: 8
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1970

ALL the critical Z28 mechanical components are correct(except carb)



originalExhaust Manifolds





correctDate Codes

correctBody Trim Tag

correctFloor mounted GAS PEDAL

correctF41 Suspension with “wielded on” Sway Bar mounts

correct3/8 inch Fuel Line

correct6500 REDLINE Tach

Power Steering

Power Disc Brakes

4:10 POSI Rearend

AmFm Radio


Very rare, REAL DEAL 1970 Z-28which appears to have 100% of its original critical mechanical components still in place (excluding Carb) with ALL “date codes” lining up perfectly, and ALL “castings” & “stamps” verified - SEE PHOTOS ABOVE documenting everything.

ULTIMATE Color:code 65body &code 10 stripes

As documented by the TRIM TAG, this is a true factoryHugger Orange carwithWhite Strips. Not only is this one of the most, if not the most highly prized “color combo” for a 1970 Z28, it is also super hard to find. This rare, “eye-popping” color combo has a positive impact on value.

* trim tag denotes “28” for Z28 with is correct for early Norwood Z28’s built prior to the middle of April(cars built after the middle of April added a Z in front of the “28” designation)

* trim tag code 10 denotes White“STRIPES”… unique to Z28

* unique Z28only“floor mounted” Gad Pedal

* unique mechanical lifter motor with correct “CTB” code stamp, with correct DATE

* vin numbers matching MUNCI4-speed tranny with correct DATE

* special 4:10 POSI 12-bolt performance rear-end, with correct DATE

When you havethe critical unique Z-28 specific components present, along with all correct date codes, correct castings, correct stamps and even original BROACH marks on the engine padyou have a real car.

All DATE code (stamps & casting) are correct & line up perfectly.

Built at the Norwood plant in thefirst week of Marchof 1970. The body, motor, transmission and rear-end are ALL correctlydate codedfor this time frame …. in other words …. all the date codes line up perfectly.

BODY:As documented in the picture below, the unique 6 digit vin number of# 515506 which falls in the correct sequence of vin numbers issued during March production at the Norwood plant.

Engine Block CASTING:As documented in the picture below, the engine block was CAST the first Week of March 1970.

Engine Block VIN STAMP:The stamp on the block above the oil filter matched the VIN on the car and title.

Engine Block Pad STAMP:As documented in the picture below, the engine block was stamped and serialized in the First Week of March 1970.It is the correct stamp for the Z28.


.................. V = block was cast at Flint MI plant

…………… 0304 =March 4th….first week of March

……………CTB= LT1 solid lifter HiPo 350/360hp Z28 Camaro motor

GAS PEDAL …..The1970 Z-28 got a unique Gas Pedal. The Z-28 pedal is easily distinguished from NON-Z-28 Camaros by the fact that the base of the gas pedal is mounted to the floorboard. This can be easily be distinguished from a non-Z28 Camaro which has a “suspended” gas pedal which does NOT have its base mounted to the floor – rather it is suspended in the air. By looking at a Z28 from underneath you will clearly see“how and where”the factory installed the two gas pedal STUDS (I have documented this on my car in the photo above). The studs are threaded on the bottom to allow nuts to hold them in place and on the inside of the car they are ball shaped on the end to allow the gas pedal to be “pressed on” them for a compression fit.

Rear-end…. the COO coded 4:10 Posi rear-end is a Hi-Po item that is almost exclusively found onthe high-performance Z-28, or L78. It was an OPTION that had to be ordered.

STRIPES….. the code 10, found on the cars trim is for “White Stripes” which is almost exclusively a unique Z-28 item

This Z28 does not come with “paper” documentation – but NO WORRIES.

If you are worried about a fake Z28 you are not alone. Make no mistake when verifying a Z28, the date codes, castings, stamps, tags and “Z-28 specific components” are thebest documentationyou can get, andby farthe hardest to fake(….unlike paper documentation which can be suspect given the ease in which in can be faked).

Regardless of thepresence or absenceof supporting “paper documentation” I always focus on what the car itself is telling me.

Although it is always nice to have a Pro-tect-o plate and build sheet as “supporting documentation”, in most cases after 45 years, these documents were discarded. Be careful that you do not put more importance on “supporting documentation” thanactual evidencefrom the car itself.


The car appears by and large to be an originalUNrestoredcar that has benefited from a very respectable repaint and a new trunk pan. Both were professionally done and present extremely well. The paint is beautiful with NO real evidence of wear ….NOnotable dings, chips, or scratches anywhere that I have seen. The paint is very slick with that high gloss deep wet look and the body is laser straight.There also appears to have been some detailing under the hood in that the inner fenders are nice and clean. The engine bay presents nicely.

The interiorappears to besubstantially originaland as such, has some evidence of wear and age, but still very respectable especially given that it is now 45 years old. It has that SURVIVOR look that is usually a testimony of having been well cared for by former owners. The dash has some of the “lip warpage” on the outer edge (SEE PHOTOS). This is typical with this generation Camaro but given that it is the original dash and not as bad as most, I would NOT replace it – simply put this interior isvery presentableand in my opinion too original to mess with. However a new-in-the-box DASH comes with the car at my “buy-it-now” price.

Doors & Windows:One thing that really impressed me was the doors doNOThave the typical sagging problem when being opened and closed. They shut beautifully withno drop what-so-ever. Also the windows do NOT have the deep scratches, which are so common in these cars. The windows go up and down nicely and mate properly with roofline. Of course the car received NEW door weather-strip and window fuzzes during the repaint giving both the windows and the doors a nice tight seal. It is super hard to find a 2ndGen Camaro with windows and doors as nice as they are on this car.

Floors:The floors appear to be totally original (…other than as mentioned above, the trunk pan replacement). I did not find any “rot out” in the floors including the “lower inner QTR drops” which are usually the FIRST place underneath to rot out …. they appear to be original and free of the typical rot out. I did note that the passenger rocker appears to have been replaced but the floors on both sides appear to be completely original and rot free.

Mileage and Performance:The car shows55kon the odometer. I have no idea as to what the true miles are and unfortunately the fellow I purchased it from did not get a history handoff when he purchased it so we are all left to guess. However, I did discover a past ad on this very car where the mileage is claimed to be original. The ad also indicates that the RS option was added and that the car was painted 15 years ago.

The motor sounds good andpulls strong, like a 360hp mechanical lifter LT-1 should. It starts easily and idles beautifully. It will blow some smoke under acceleration, not sure why. The compression was checked and all the cylinders came in at 185 to 195 which is very good.

The transmission and clutch perform great. The brakes all seem to be great condition and stop with confidence in a straight line. I noted the exhaust system and gas tank have been replaced.

All the gauges work and all the lights come on inside and outside the car. In fact with the exception of the original AmFm radio, everything on the car works, even the seat belt BUZZER alarm.

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