1989 Land Rover Range Rover County for sale in Beverly Hills, California, United States

Condition: Used
Item location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
Type: SUV
Trim: County
Year: 1989
Mileage: 102,200
VIN: SALHV1242KA393922
Color: Black
Engine size: V8
Number of cylinders: 8
Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Options: 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Land Rover Range Rover 1989

89 RRC 102K Original Miles

One Owner GEM!!!


This dazzlingly clean vehicle was literally owned by “grandma” its entire life… until her life, well, ended and the vehicle came my way. When I got the call I jumped at the opportunity to snap her up because the level of loving, preventative care was exhaustive and evident even when I initially saw her. With this particular truck, its timewarp status was crystal clear – the super rare Rovers North running boards begging me to add my own secret stash of period correct kit – which I have done. My overall objective here was to honor what seemed to be the original owner’s objective: keep her like new no matter what! What we have here is a truck totally set apart from everything else in its class with THOUSANDS spent over its life mechanically, and certainly no less spent on her cosmetic appearance. I invite you to read my entire description – this truck is one of the best – don’t miss out!


With over 20 years under my belt loving, restoring, and racing these trucks, I go overboard when it comes to service. The result is always a better truck through and through. The following is a list of the services ive done on her, as well as a few of the highlights from “grandma’s” ownership.

1. Complete 3-Angle Valve job including all new top end gaskets and fittings, block level check, cleansing and prep, new assembly hardware and parts detail. $2250 VALUE

2. Newly Recored Radiator, waterpump, and racing thermostat $895 VALUE

3. 30K Mile interval service including STI Wireset, new sparkplugs, new belts, new air and fuel filters, new cap/rotor (including distributor advancement service), new differential and swivel fluids, new transfercase fluid, new transmission fluid, oil change w/GENUINE filter, cooling system flush and refill. $995 VALUE

4. Alternator, battery and High-Powered Starter. $1500 VALUE

5. Brand New GENUINE rotors with organic sport pads in all 4 corners. $1495 VALUE

6. AC Service $400 VALUE

7. Brand New Remote Control iPod/USB/AUX Audio system installed $650 Value

8. Brand New Fuel Pump. $500 VALUE

9. Newly Fitted Michelin Latitude’s (with NEW factory center caps) $895 VALUE

10. Brand New 3-Stage luxury repaint in Beluga Black $3500 VALUE

11. Brand New Headliner and rear upper quarters. $600 VALUE

12. Concourse Detail. $400 VALUE

13. GREAT DIVIDE BUMPER AND BADGE FITTED – Priceless collectors value!

14. GRANDMA – When the transmission pan had a minor leak she was sold on a new factory tranny and paid $3500+ for it, she also had the AC system rebuilt with new condenser, drier, compressor, expansion valve and hoses and spent over $4000 for that, she had a new booster master cylinder installed, new shocks, new catalytic converters and timing reset to the tune of about $2500 and the list goes on. Receipts from grandma will be included totaling appx. $10,000.00

15. CLEAN AND CLEAR CA TITLE in hand, just passed new stringent CA STAR SMOG, 102K miles and excellent as always CARFAX

The Look:

This truck was the flagship color package from 1989 and looks, dare I say it, better than it did back then. The paint job is brilliant with hours upon hours of final polishing which deliver that mirror like look – better than what even the 2017’s are rolling out of England with. As I mentioned, I loved the solid metal Rover’s North running boards and since at that time, the Beluga Black was starting to fade in places, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to add some long held secret kit from the rafters – namely the GREAT DIVIDE BUMPER AND BADGE. They are year correct and were available as an option when purchased. They add a more rugged appearance and complete the almost menacing overall look with her new paint job.

Inside - its almost as if no one was ever in the car. The seats are LUCIOUS. Yup. I said it. LUCIOUS. They are still calf skin smooth. They sound and feel amazing when you sit in them and they smell great. Never a smokers car, the rugs and, mats, pads, etc are all fresh, soft and clean. THE WOODWORK is original and bar far THE NICEST I’ve seen in an original interior. I have added a brand new headliner and it always rounds out that feel of an “out of the box” vehicle.

Pay close attention to my underbody pictures as well. She is as beautiful and clean underneath as she is everywhere else and you will enjoy a stout, rust free California girl for many years to come!

She has been a blast to cruise around in, turning heads absolutely everywhere I have gone in it and I think she is the ideal candidate for a daily driver, event truck, or special occasion coach.

It has been rainy season here in SoCal and this mornings shoot was a little break in the deluge – the skies were still great and cloudy which I think shows off the depth of the gloss and finish… but I can assure you, in full sun, she sparkles! If the weather changes and we get a nice snap of sun, I will add more of my favorite sun-kissed pix!

The Drive:

For me, always the most important aspect and this truck RIPS IT UP. You won’t believe the power she has when you hit the accelerator – you would think that the 3.9L was actually a 4.2L! She doesn’t overheat, she doesn’t have any leaks, no oil pressure issues, just even throaty power that will put a smile on your face.

The transfer case shifts great and there is no binding or wind up from the drivetrain. She is ghost quiet on the highway. The new tranny that was installed is a nice treat – it really makes this thing move and adds another level of reliability.

The suspension is noise free and really plush. The new shocks offer a comfortable, controlled ride and adds to the sportscar like feel of the steering. There is no slop in the box and you can take a nice long looping freeway interchange at speed and still be in total control.

Functional aspects like locks, switches, seats, windows, handles, horns, lights, and so forth all work great with the exception of cruise control. Additionally, this elbow drive cluster works perfect and is noise free with all features operational – that said, we owe this to the fact that the previous owner had it replaced at 80K miles. This is receipt, state inspection and CARFAX verified. I say this because you need to do a bit of math… whatever this new cluster currently reads – appx 22K miles – needs to be added to the mileage of the date the unit was changed. You must advise any smog inspection tec of this. The provided documentation is always sufficient.

The AC is ear lobe freezing and the heat is fantastic without any smells or leaks.

Arguably one of the best features of a true 89 is the Non-Abs system. It doesn’t have the fancy equipment that notoriously plagues braking performance on later models and costs thousands to repair. This particular truck has had the whole system overhauled and has TREMENDOUS stopping power. She does not put or roll under braking, she simply stops dead in her tracks with you in total control.

Overall, the feeling of this truck for me is truly that of a new car. That’s what you get when you have ONE OWNER – and female at that – and a senior, too. Driven gently. Overkill maintenance for safety. And cleanliness that comes from the pride of original ownership. She is decidedly time warp and I don’t think another will come along quite like it.

Purchasing, Perspective & Why Buy From Me:

Please read my outstanding feedback from folks like you! No one sends off a Land Rover or Range Rover better than me, PERIOD. It’s the vehicle I drive, and the vehicle I RACE. Nearly two decades of Rover ownership and service are poured into every Rover that I see into new hands.

The commitment to service here is a commitment to my own passion and to a shared bond between enthusiasts. You won’t find that anyplace else – although more and more of late, many try to copy. Beware of any vintage Rover that does not share the same service points as the ones I list here with my collection. I am not a Land Rover tech that drives home in a Honda Civic. I come from a long line of British Car technicians and Live, Breathe and even RACE the green oval. I understand ALL of your concerns and needs and do my best to ensure that you will be happy based on a simple, yet powerful concept: DOES THIS VEHICLE MAKE ME HAPPY? WOULD I PUT MY FAMILY IN IT? WOULD I LOVE TO HAVE IT? The answer is always yes. And that’s when I know they are ready. I care. I know you do, too.

To that point - watch out for my copy cats. It has come to my attention that people claim they work with/partner with me. This is not true. If you aren’t buying one from me… its, well, NOT from me!!!


New cars have warranties because… new cars break! What lines the service bays of Rover dealerships around the world? I’m willing to bet a lot of you know! While I am VERY proud of each and every Rover that I hand select and hand-craft, the vast majority of them are 20+ years old. As amazing as all of them are, i wouldnt ever say any of them are "perfect." None of them are and I have only used the term museum piece ONCE – and I am well aware of the qualifiers for that monicker. These trucks, as refreshed as they are, are assemblies of new parts, used parts, remanufactured parts and ORIGINAL parts. They are all, to quote a mentor of mine: “Ships of Theseus.”

With each and every listing, i try to capture the flavor of what strikes me about each vehicle. I try to capture their essence. I try to make the description feel like a conversation between you and I, or even a phone call.

It is not possible to discuss every nut and bolt, but I have done my best to list and discuss what would matter to ME. Let me know what matters TO YOU. If you feel like I have passed by something, I hope that it’s evident I have no problems with expounding on details so please ASK. In fact, the only thing I can think of that doesn’t work is cruise control. While she may soon be “new to you” she is “not new” and you should be prepared for all that is involved with owning a used vehicle. She is sold as-is without warranty or exception and there are no refunds. That said, there are not any GROSS ISSUES that concern me about her overall reliability, cosmetics and functionality. I invite you to ask ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS NOW!


Your satisfaction is the goal here. Additionally, eBay offers a 3rd party inspection service to verify ALL of your acquisition needs IN PERSON. In fact, I would insist, pending any substantial investment that this service be taken seriously. Purchase of the vehicle = SATISFACTION. Once this auction is over, the winning bid and purchase imply that satisfaction has been achieved and will be understood as such.

This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION so you are bidding to win! Please make sure that you bid ONLY what you are prepared to pay. This means, when the auction is over, and the winning bid is placed, this becomes THE SALE PRICE of the vehicle. Under no circumstances does it open the door to negotiate or back out of your commitment. The people bidding for this vehicle actually want it. Do not spoil their chances at ownership by arm-chair bidding. Yes, everyone joins eBay at some point, and there is no prejudice against lower transaction numbers here – HOWEVER – if I suspect and/or become aware of any insincerity on the part of said bidder, I reserve the right to cancel all bids from and block that insincere bidder from this auction. I openly welcome new bidders, but please do not bid if you cannot follow through.

To that point, I am almost always in contact with the winning bidder before the auction ends. GOOD CLEAR COMMUNICATION is essential from both sides. Communication regarding payment and shipping is immediate and should not take longer than 7 days. I don’t expect anything less.

Completion of this transaction is fairly straight forward. Once the auction is over, I will be contacting the winner immediately and we can discuss sending ownership materials and payment. The time to understand your states “out of state” registration process is now. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than getting your dream truck delivered, and then being informed that you needed to have out of state vehicle transfer form 247-1 stamped and notarized on a full moon 3 months prior etc etc etc… Lets figure out what you need now!

Who Is This Truck For?

This gem of a truck is the present you didn’t get over the holidays for yourself. It evokes a kid in a candy store like thrill and I think she is perfect for the newbie as well as the serious collector. A truck like this, for many reasons, would be this A-List candidate for a luxury, time warp, overland build – with the no fuss and muss system electronics of the 87-88 model year as well as the rare GDE and RN kit. The non abs is also a must for any serious overlander and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw you add nice color matched wolf’s with KM2’s and a tasteful lift. That said, for the purist, she could stay stock, and put every other classic owner to envy at local club functions. Regardless of your goals, you have an exceptional platform to make your mark with. Happy Bidding and Happy Rovering!

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