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1953 MG half-dismantled after purchase 50 yrs ago. Xtra fenders, facebar, shocks

1953 MG TD for sale

Make: MG
Model: TD
Type: 22381
Year: 1953
VIN: 21100
Color: Burgundy
Engine size: Original
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Options: Luggage Rack
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Description for MG TD 1953

Vintage 1953 MGTD Mostly Dismantled Plus Spare Fenders, Facebar, Overriders, Shocks & More in East Tennessee.

*MG TD was purchased in E. Tennessee about 50 years ago, driven home and partially dismantled pending a restoration that did not happen. Chassis, engine, etc. and all other parts have been stored in dry garage and barn the entire time. Additional replacement or spare parts were purchased including two rear fenders, a facebar and overriders,a pair of Armstrong shocks (Australian Regd. design #32714), and new black floor mats, among others. There is also a stray rear axle - check the end of the parts list below.


All significant parts have been photographed and inventoried (see list below)except the wood dashboard; unfortunately it cannot be located. Rest assured the speedometer, other instrumentation and glovebox are included in this offer as pictured, I just cannot find the wooden dashboard. As you would expect the car's underlying wood structure, rag top, and upholstery will have to be replaced. Original engine "PAG / TD2/ 21482", Car # TD/ 21100, Body type 22381. I have included as many pictures as I could squeeze into this listing.


New owner will coordinate a date with the seller and then make arrangements to pick up and pay for everything in E. Tennessee (37660). Pickup must occur within 90 days of purchase on eBay. Clear title. (469) 286-7251 Please text first.


I strongly encourage you to inspect the vehicle pieces in person before making a purchase. I will provide additional pictures if requested.


This is a NO RESERVE auction. No warranties expressed or implied, and vehicle is offered AS IS WHERE IS. All sales are final, and there are no refunds or returns, and inspections are recommended. Once the vehicle is paid for in full, then the buyer agrees to the terms of this sale, and has satisfied him/herself as to the condition of this car and I hold no legal responsibility for the condition of the car from that point forward. Full payment is due within 14 days after the auction has ended. Buyer must also contact within 1 day after the auction has ended to set up a time for payment and pickup. Car must be picked up. As long as the car is paid for in full within 14 days after the auction has ended, then it can be picked up within the following 90 days. Ask questions before bidding. Look at all of my pictures. I will try to answer your questions as best I can.


Inventory using exploded diagrams and terminology from Moss Moters catalogue. Picture numbers on the left are for my reference:

Picture TD ITEM Loc
1159 2 Bumper overriders (spares) #38 B
1160 S Bracket & T Bracket (for License plate), #28 & 30 B
1161a Spare tire holder carrier mount - unable to find this in Moss B
1161b Plug - Tire Rack Tube End #32 B
1162 2 Straps for fuel tank B
1164 Covered seat base/bottom (2) #35 B
1165 Door Assembly (left) #33 B
1165 Full Hinge set (for both doors) #34 B
1166a Windshield - unable to find this in MOSS B
1166b Windshield support structure B
1167a Ragtop Top ppA11, frame pp54 $380 B
1167b Ragtop Frame from side B
1169 Front Fender (left) #1 and running board #14 B
1170 Splash Apron (rear) and 1 extra #6 B
1173 Front Bumper - assembly B
1174a Back Bumper - assembly B
1174b Facebar replacement (spare) B
1176 Extra pic
1177 Door Assembly (right) #33 B
1178 Splash Apron (front) B
1179 Rear Fender (extra) #3 B
1180 Extra pic of running board
1181 Front Fender (right) #1 with running board #14 B
1182a Steering column pp21 G
1182b dup pic G
1183 Fuel Tank #50 & Gas Cap #33 B
1184a Rear Fenders ( left, right, & extra) #3 B
1184b Extra pic of rear fenders
1186a Radiator Shell, false nose, medallion, bracket, radiator #3,4,5,7 and #61 B
1190a Hood aka Side Panels - Unable to find in Moss, handle set & two brass rods #14,10 B
1190b dup pic B
1193 Carpet set A - ppA8 G
1194 Carpet set B G

1225 Parking Lamp(s) for Fender(s) w medallions #35 G
1227 End panel set (on gas tank) #51 G
1229 Glove Box #63 (See door pic 2020) G
1231 Horn Set, bracket, & mount #53,54,55 G
1236 Cable(s) battery to Switch & Ground #28 & 29 G
1237 Foot Rest #54 G
1238 Headlights (no medallians) & brackets & pads #13,7,1 G
1240 Mystery button G
1241 Mystery cables G
1242 4 Hub caps w/medallions #18 G
1243 Mystery metal straps
1244 3 lug nuts G
1245 Speedometer or Tachometer cable #20/22 G
1246 Fog Lamp/Driving Lamp (no medallion) #72 G
1247 Pr of mounts: gas tank to frame (no Moss #) pp17 G
1250 Pedal pad (s) #28 G
1251 Flasher, turn signal indicator #44 G
1256 Fan Blade[set], space, pulley, 4 screws #14,15,17,18 G
1257 Mystery G
1266a Electrical Lucas, might be this car . . . G
1266b Dup pic G
1271 Mystery cable G
1273 Wiper connecting bar & wiper arms, #71 & 74 G
1275 Wind wings (pair) G
1276 Radiator shell lacing strip #111 (280-010) G
1278 Engine Control Bracket (damaged spare) #6, page 4 B
1281 Mystery plate (not in Moss) G
1987 Windshield Cowl Bracket (and a lot attached) pp35 B
2003 Driveshaft / Universal Joints (pp15) - two of these B
1992 Set of side curtains (see 2nd set 2013 below) B
1993 Covered seat backboard #36 pp28 B
1995 2 rear quarter panels, rear panel, sidecurtain compartment, wheel arches, bodyframe, rear body tie bar, #17, 21, 50, 20, N/A, 46 G
1996 Pic of rear axel
1997 Pic of mid-section
1998 Pic of transmission
1999 Pic of engine
2001a Scuttle top G
2001b Scuttle top Front Corner Panel(s) L & R G
2003 Driveshaft / Universal Joints (pp15) - two of these B
2005 Mystery; probably not this car
2006 Mystery; probably not this car
2007 Mystery; probably not this car
2008 This mounts against Bulkhead Footplate - not in Moss G
2010 Cover for driveshaft? Not in Moss G
2012 Metal supports of unknown purpose. Not in Moss. G
2013 Set of Side Curtains (see 2nd set 1992 above) B
2014 Rear Elbow upholstry B
2015 Door upholstry on boards B
2016 Side upholstry B
2018 Under-door upholstry B
2019 Sidescreen box top #32 pp 28 (& rear top rail piece 1 #20 . . . See also pic 2088) B
2020 Wooden glove box door - not in Moss (glove box is 1229) G
2021 Backside of door board illustrates original upholstry. B
2022 Pic of rear axel G
2023 Pic of mid-section G
2024 Pic of transmission G
2025 Pic of engine G
2026 Firewall with Tool Box & Battery slot #41 &56 G
2027 Cover, transmission dipstick, & wingnut #39,40 G
2029 Upholstered board, sits on top of "Panel Assembly" in rumble seat area. G
2033a Steering wheel - wood #1 G
2033b Steering wheel - plastic #1 G
2033c Steering wheel - plastic #1 G
2034 Pic of engine G
2035 Car jack w/o handle G
2037 5-post Voltage Regulator G
2042 Left, Right Mirror & Rear View Mirror #20, 21, 23 G
2044 Mystery spare part G
2045 Water Branch pipe #22 G
2046 Mystery electrical part G
2047 Tachomoter reduction, coupling kit #15,16,17 G
2048 Dup pic
2049 Tail Lamp assembly #54 G
2050 Extra stablilzer bar G
2051 Misc. G
2052 Misc. G
2053 Instrument cluster panel, oil pressure guage,ammeter,switch,switch, Fog Light Switch #40 #62,14,12,48,44,40 (Ammeter is Moss N/A) G
2054 Generator. Fits the R G Mount. #1 pp41 G
2055 Speedomoter & Tachometers #2 & 4 G
2056 Sun Visor (240-300) in box pp35 G
2057 Misc. G
2058 Tachomoter cable replacement (331-065) G
2060 Dash top Bracket #48 (2nd mounted under Scuttle Top) unpriced in Moss G
2062 Floor mounted Switch Dimmer G
2065 Mystery knob G
2066 Chassis ID Plate, Body ID Plate, Patent No. Plate, #75,76,77. Car #TD21100 Engine #21482 G
2067 Inside-of-door latch: broken G
2080 Striker Plate and Wedge #59 (pair) G
2081 Wheel Arch Brackets & Wing Bolt #66,71 G
2082 Exterior handle kit (includes 2) #53 G
2085 Plate(s) for Side Curtain mounting #63 ????? G
2086 Door locks, 2 covers #56, 57 (free extras) G
2087 Mystery part G
2088 Rear Top Rail Set (2 of 3 pieces) #20 (see also pic 2019) G
2091 Hood strip Support (outer/inner) #12,13 G
2092 Starter Cable & switch #110, 111, 112 G
2093 Choke Cable #110 G
2094 Mystery third Cable G
2095 Radiator stay bars #41 G
2096 Coil #21 G
2098 Fuse Block #41 G
2099 Plastic center for steering wheel G
2100 Stabilizer link assembly #1 G
2101 Battery-securing-bracket assembly #26,27 G
2102 Number Plate Support Bracket #29 G
2103 Emergency brake handle -not in Moss G
2104 Mystery pair, picured on pp 17 - but no Moss number G
2112 Speedometer or Tachometer cable #20/22 G
2113 Clutch cable??? #35, 50 G
2114 Mystery knob G
2115 (4) Bolt& Nut - Gas Tank Strap Mounting #31,32
(2) Wheel Arch Bracket Retaining Plate #67
2116 Mystery bracket pair
2117 Mystery bracket
2118 Mystery plastic
2119 Misc.
2120 Misc.
2121 Door Check (where is the 2nd one???) #37 G
2122 Mystery bracket
2123 Mystery bracket G
2124 Fuel Pump & ???? #119, xxx G
2152 Windshield Wiper Motor #67,68,69 B
2159 Mystery metal parts B
2160 Chrome around dashboard - not in Moss G
2200 Extra Axle? B
2500 Shocks
2501 Shocks
2502 Shocks
2503 Shocks
2505 TD Front Shock Kit (2 shocks) ppA24 B
2506 TD Front Shock Kit (2 shocks)
2507 TD Front Shock Kit (2 shocks)
2550a Foot Rest #54 G
2550b Dup pic G
2556 Spare tool box cover #41a G

Spare/Duplicate items included in this sale:

2 Overriders, 1 Facebar, 1 Foot Rest, 1 Tool Box Cover, 1 Set Side Curtains, 1 Stabilizer Bar, 1 Tachometer Cable.

There is also a spare rear axle marked "EN 17 MOWOG" but I don't know what car it belongs to, and a box of miscellaneous mystery parts that I could not identify. You are welcome to the axle and the box of parts.

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