1969 Porsche 911 Richie Ginther Tribute Race Car ANDIAL Slidevalve 3.5L 300+ hp

1969 Porsche 911 911R 911RS 911RSR for sale in Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States

Condition: Used
Item location: Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
SubModel: 911R 911RS 911RSR
Type: Coupe
Trim: Race, Minimal
Year: 1969
Mileage: 800
VIN: 129020308
Color: Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear 2WD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Porsche 911 1969

1 9 6 9 P O R S C H E 911/912

The "Zimmerman Lightweight" , Tribute to Richie Ginther:

Race Car Driver, ace Car,Builder, nnovator,

Porsche Legend


An exceptionally light weight and powerful early 911 made principally for hill" climb events. With all rallyequipment and street legal equipment combined, he weight of the car is about 1815 lbs (dry). Withpassenger seat and belts removed the car remains street legal and weighs about 1780 lbs (dry). In full racetrim the car's weight can be reduced to 1750 lbs (dry) by using a smaller battery and by deleting Rally andstreet equipment not required for racing.

The new 3.5 liter twin" plug slide" injected ANDIAL built engine produces well over 300 h.p. and has considerably moretorque than a factory 3.0 liter 911 RSR engine. The engines redline is about 8000 RPM due to light weight engineinternals. The engine has air filtration allowing it to run on the road as opposed to just track. The engine haspresently only about 600 street "break" in" miles logged since its recent complete engine refresh at ANDIAL.The engine passed a single-day shakedown performance test at an El Toro, A autocross event about two yearsago.

In general, he entire car is fresh, ace-ready and/or street legal for operation in the USA. The car is comprisedlargely of Porsche factory race car parts from many different models of Porsche racing cars. Racing parts areutilized in the Zimmerman" Lightweight from Porsche models 356, 11R, 06/910, 08, 17, 11RS, 11 RSR, 35, 44, 54, 62, tc. Most of the parts selected were utilized for weight reduction and engine performance. Additionally, nexceptionally large utilization of Titanium, luminum and Magnesium alloys helped accomplish the required weightreduction.

Great attention was given to making the car "period correct" and unique. As Porsche stipulates -"In order for it to endure, t must be unique" . The car's build started around 1980, s a Tribute to Richie Ginther, he car owner's former boss. Because itwas a tribute to Richie Ginther, o expense was spared and great attention to detail was required.

RichieGinther was an innovator and a "Maverick" , nafraid to defy convention. He wanted to make race cars hisway. Accordingly, he car that pays tribute to Richie Ginther must also reflect the man and his methods.

'Sloop', urt Zimmerman's 912/6 Outlaw was featured in the February 2013 issue of "Classic Porsche" magazine.

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Category What Why Notes

Chassis Tub

1969 long body Karman Serial number (VIN) 129020308

Is the lightest production long body tub

Available from Porsche.

Reinforce and expand rear shock mount area.

Needed to accommodate RSR coil-over Suspension in rear of car.

Remove and block-off front battery ports (2).

To provide increased air flow to oil cooler and brakes. To lighten tub.

Add two front oil coolers and mounts

To provide additional oil cooling as used in 911R & RSR.

Add front 935 cross brace and brace mounts to tub.

Tub reinforcement as used with 935

Add front 935 oil-tank and mounting system.

To effect improved front/rear weight distribution as with 935

Reposition fuel and oil filters to front of car.

To effect improved front/rear weight distribution as with 935

Integrate enhanced 935 roll cage cockpit area including mounts.

Safety, ody reinforcement and blow-by transfer.

Integrate engine area aluminum roll cage extensions including mounts.

Body reinforcement.

Remove rain tray from cockpit

Weight reduction.

Reposition lap belt pick-up mounts.


Make new battery box and reposition battery forward.

Improved weight distribution.

Integrate titanium full front skid plate.

To protect fuel, il and brake master cylinder areas. Improve air flow under car.

Integrate degree plates on front strut towers.

To be able to set camber visually and to obtain increased camber.

Block off rear oil tank port.

935 tank moved to front of car.

Add solid aluminum mounts for engine and transmission.

To reduce engine/transmission travel and reduce weight.

Moved engine electronics package from engine compartment to interior rear tray.

Improved weight transfer and access to electronics.

Integrated aluminum and stainless oil lines front/rear.

To transport oil to 935 oil system in front of car.

Add front and rear tow loops.

For towing.

Add front and rear jack pads.

For jacking up car from front or rear.

Add fuel-safe custom fuel cell.

For safety and weight reduction.

Reposition two fuse boxes to front tray area.

Weight reduction and to get electronics away from stainless oil lines.

Titanium fasteners throughout.

Weight reduction.

Tub stripped of undercoating and hand painted with three separate coats of POR15, terling 2-part ploy urethane paint.


Front fiberglass 911R hood made from factory molds.

Weight reduction.

Front aluminum external hood hinges (custom).

Front hood RSR straps.

Weight reduction.

Rear RSR engine lid straps.

Weight reduction.

911 aluminum engine lid (factory).

Weight reduction.

911R engine lid hinges.

Weight reduction and access to engine.

Custom rain shields for RSR intake stacks.

To protect against water going into engine intakes.

911R fiberglass doors made from factory molds.

Weight reduction.

935 epoxy door handles.

Weight reduction.

Aluminum door hinges.

Weight reduction.

Acrylic 911R door windows.

Weight reduction.

911R interior door handles plastic (factory).

Weight reduction.

Custom flush Acrylic windshield (bolt-in).

Weight reduction. Improved air flow. Improved clarity.

Custom flush Acrylic rear window (bolt-in).

Weight reduction. Improved air flow. Improved clarity.

Custom flush Acrylic rear ¼ windows (bolt-in).

Weight reduction. Improved clarity.

Aluminum door strikers (custom).

Weight reduction.

Aluminum replacements for steel rear J-tubes.

Weight reduction.

911R fiberglass front bumper made from factory molds.

Weight reduction.

Custom fog lite ports in front bumper.

Improved vision and air flow to coolers.

Custom air-flow "gills" in front bumper.

Improved air flow to oil coolers and brakes.

Custom front attachable spoiler/foil.

Improved down force.

Rally style head-lite rings (custom).

To retain lights when road gets rough.

French factory yellow head light lenses.

For tradition at LM.

Acrylic head light covers.

For protecting lenses against rocks.

911R signal lights front.

Weight reduction.

911R signal lights rear.

Weight reduction.

911R driving and stop lights rear.

Weight reduction.

944 customized wiper motor.

Weight reduction. Uses single blade.

Fiberglass rear bumper with exhaust megaphone covers on bumper (custom).

Weight reduction. Integrated look to exhaust and thermal cover.

Front external electrical cut-off switch.

For driver safety and rules compliance.

Front Hella 181 fog lights with Cibie light covers.

Driving safety

Fiberglass front fenders made from factory molds.

Weight reduction.

Titanium fasteners throughout.

Weight reduction.

Marken Weltmeister engine compartment emblem/support.

Heritage and reinforces unsupported frame area.

ANDIAL/Porsche crest emblem/cover for front firewall frame area.

Heritage and reinforces unsupported frame area.

Porsche 356 Durant mirror.

Smallest/lightest mirror for hill climbs.

Custom mirror base extender block.

Better rear visibility for driver.



Serial number *64E03599*

Aluminum block for 3.5 liter displacement.

3.5 liter RSR 10.1 compression with twin-plug and slide-valve injection.

General description

3.2 Carrera case with Carrera Case modified for GT3 oil pump.

Engine base parts.

962 factory titanium case studs throughout.

Weight reduction.

Carrillo connecting rods.

Weight reduction and strength.

GT3 Oil pump.

For reduced crankcase resistance.

Carerra crankshaft

906 aluminum chain sprockets.

Weight reduction.

911SC heads ported for RSR slide-valve injection.

Heads matched to induction system. Increased torque.

Titanium valve spring retainers.

Weight reduction.

Andial valve springs.

Reliability. Weight reduction.

906 center oiling cams.

For RSR formula.

906 center oiling chain housing covers.

For RSR formula.

Factory RSR twin plug distributer.

For RSR formula.

Factory RSR injection hoses.

For RSR formula.

Fiberglass RSR style engine shrouding.

For RSR formula.

Custom ITG air cleaners

For clean slide-valves and roadablility.

914-6 lower valve covers.

Weight reduction.

911 Magnesium upper valve covers.

Weight reduction.

Lightened flywheel.

Weight reduction.

RSR clutch and RSR puck disk.

For RSR formula.

100MM Mahle pistons lightened with 10/1 compression.

Weight reduction.

100 MM Mahle cylinders.


CMC lightened/strengthened rist-pins.

Weight reduction.

Factory 906 forged rockers.

Weight reduction.

Titanium fasteners used 90%

Weight reduction.

RSR Bosch injection pump

For RSR formula.

Factory magnesium chain housings.

Weight reduction.

Factory 917 exhaust bracket and configuration.

Weight reduction.

RSR header system with megaphones/augers/cookie-cutters.

Weight reduction.

Factory RSR fan pulley

Weight reduction.

Titanium fasteners throughout.

Weight reduction.

Lightened engine brace

Weight reduction.

Cold start injector system integrated into intake stacks.

For improved starting.


915 912-E magnesium case.


Weight reduction.

Quafe limited slip.

Traction rear wheels.

Factory RSR oil sprinkler system.

Improved cooling and lubrication.

7/31 ZF Ring&Pinion

Short differential for hill climbs.

Factory Hill Climb gears:

For hill climbs.

1st: 11/35 11:35

2nd.15/29 16:35

3rd.21/29 20:32

4th.25/26 23:29

5th.28/24 26:26

Shortest gears.

Front Wheels

Factory 7" 911R wheels.

Wider wheels suppress push.

Rear Wheels

Fuchs custom deep 8" forged.

Wider wheels make improved contact patch and suppress oversteer.

Wheel Spacers

Front and rear aluminum spacers.

To support wider offset wheels.

Front Brakes

Factory 930 calipers. Slotted rotors. Production pads.

Improved braking.

Rear Brakes

Special Factory 930 calipers made to fit non-turbo control arms (very rare). Factory 930 drilled rotors. Production pads.

These special calipers allow much lighter early aluminum control arms other than turbo/RSR. Weight reduction.

Front Suspension

Enhanced 935 chrome-moly a-arms.

Weight reduction. Increased negative camber capability.

Eboch coil-over shock springs (custom)

Weight reduction.

Bilstein shocks.


Delrin bushings.

Improved alignment.

16mm factory anti-sway bar.


Titanium fasteners throughout.

Weight reduction.

Rear Suspension

Titanium factory 935 coil over springs.

Weight reduction.

Bilstein coil-over spring shocks.

Weight reduction.

Factory 15mm anti-sway bar.

Smallest lightest production bar available.

Custom drop links.

To be able to use early factory bar with late control arms.

Early factory aluminum control arms.

Weight reduction. Strength.

ERP heim-joint spring plates.

Improved alignment. Weight reduction.

Titanium fasteners throuought.

Weight reduction.

Interior Cockpit

Titanium fasteners throughout.

Weight reduction.

RS seats with twin adjusters for each seat.

Symmetrical load balancing of regulator. Weight reduction.

Enhanced Sabelt Porsche 962 FIA safety belts passenger and driver.

2" belts are period correct.

Custom solid titanium Clutch pedal.

Weight reduction.

Custom solid titanium throttle.

Weight reduction.

Custom titanium/steel brake pedal.

Wider pedal.

Passenger and driver aluminum custom foot plates/covers.

Weight reduction.

Micro-fiber covered custom fiberglass dash cover.

Weight reduction.

Aluminum color painted dash.

Aluminum look.

Electronic speedometer 200MPH.

Weight reduction.

10,000 RPM factory tachometer.

More accurate at higher revs.

Deleted clock with fan and fog indicator lights integrated.

Driver indicators.

Standard gas gauge.

Production parts that work.

Standard oil gauge.

Production parts that work.

Electrical cut-off switch on dash.

For driver safety.

Additional fog-light switch on dash.

For integrated fog lights.

Additional (manual electric fan) and switch for fender oil cooler.

For improved oil cooling in traffic and lower speeds.

954 factory short shift.

Cleaner shifts.

Factory 915 shift tower.

Cleaner shifts better access to shifter.

Aluminum mounted fire extinguisher.

Driver and car safety.

Manual cold start switch on dash for injecting fuel to start.

Cold starting.

Custom secured to floor rubber floor mats for driver and passenger.

Driver comfort and floor protection.

Custom roll bar mount for camera.

Video. Weight reduction.

Drilled seat base plates.

Weight reduction.

Custom twin-plug engine electronics package with bank isolation switches.

So driver can toggle between upper/lower ignition banks while driving for ignition fault isolation. Improved weight distribution. Allows quicker removal of engine and better access to electronics.

Flat (1969) Momo Protipo steering wheel.

Weight reduction.

Early 911 solid steering hub.

Weight reduction.

Interior of car stripped of undercoating and painted with 1 coat Sterling epoxy primer and 5 coats of Sterling 2 part poly urethane topcoat (vintage red). Interior paint scheme made up of aluminum (dash), ed (general interior) and black (front firewall).

A prototype paint scheme.

Vehicle sold "as-is" , font>THERE IS NO WARRANTY, ritten or implied.
Taxes and fees is the responsibility of the buyer and not included in the auction price. This vehicle was described as accurately as possible and we are not responsible for errors in the description, ptions or any other detail. The above-mentioned vehicle is used and shows some minor wear and tear, t is not new. Local pre-purchase inspections are welcome.

A deposit is required immediately upon listing ending and IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. All funds must clear before title and vehicle are released. Can coordinate shipping worldwide. Local taxes, ees, uties, tc. are the responsibility of the winning bidder.


I do not own the vehicle offered here for sale, acilitating the sale for a friend.

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