The RAREST Toyota Landcruiser. It's a BJ45 fully restored. Owned since 23 years

1983 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45 for sale in Fort Pierce, Florida, United States

Item location: Fort Pierce, Florida, United States
Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: Landcruiser BJ45
Type: SUV
Trim: BJ45
Year: 1983
Mileage: 43,714
VIN: 11111111111111111
Color: White
Engine size: 3B Diesel 3.4 L
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Options: 4-Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Toyota Land Cruiser 1983

TOYOTA LandCruiser BJ45 "Troopy"
RESTORED on a very clean and rust free chassis
I Highly encourage you to read the full description of this car as it might ended up in your garage.
This is my personal car that I have owned for quite a long time before it landed in the US. So I know those cars very well as I have sold few of those.
This is a model that came off the factory in Japan and documented.NOT FROM SOUTH AMERICA.
The VIN is not recognized by Ebay. Correct VIN is JT1VOBJ4500910841
The VIN I have entered is bogus and does not belong to this car. Please refer the the VIN just above or see the photos.
Toyota Japan has been making the LandCruiser since 1951 starting with the FJ and the BJ.
Please check on Wikipedia for a detailed explanation.
The BJ series being the oldest version of this Toyota while the FJ series were the only ones that was imported in the US.
This type of truck was never imported into the US.
The Japanese production stopped on October 1984. It continued in Brazil but was slightly different from the original cars.
My best description:
This car has been restored and features all the originality. See later in the details what's unique about this car.
What you are looking, is a Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 also known as the "Troopy" since 8 people can seat inside.
This car was produced at the Factory in Toyota City Japan and imported brand new to the French Importer, in Paris France, named S.I.D.A.T in July 1983.
I acquired the car more than a decade later and kept her in my collection until now.
The very precise model is the VOBJ45 also called the "Troopy". It's a passenger car similar to a SUV.
Toyota has made several wheel base, such as the short wheel base the FJ40 which was imported in the US and the BJ40, diesel version for Europe, Japan among others countries.Then a medium size chassis, the BJ43 which was never imported in the US.BJ42 and BJ46 had their own specifications but nothing compare to this BJ45.
Then came the rare BJ45, the long chassis. It has a Diesel motor made in Japan. The first BJ45 came out in 1977 while the gasoline FJ45 came out 2 years earlier and were sold to the Irish Army first.

Rarest Toyota Landcruiser:
It's already hard to find a Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 and harder to find a genuine Japanese made car.As mentioned, Toyota made those body style in their factory until October 1984.This one was manufactured on July 1983 and imported by the French Importer S.I.D.A.T.
Toyota used the 3B motor, 3.4L with 90Hp at 3500 rpm and 160ft·lbf (217N·m) @ 2000 rpm.Production of the BJ45 by Toyota Japan starting in 1977, ended in 1983.
The 3B motor was only used on the BJ42, BJ45, BJ46.For the European market, the first 3B motor on the BJ45 line started with the engine block number 8008 and the last one had the number 8446 (Total 438 built) and the motor 13B-T (Fuel injection and Turbo) started right after with the number 8447 and on, found on the BJ71.European BJ42 motors were from #8008 to #8410.European BJ46 motors were from #8008 to #8210.
The European model of BJ45 had a serial number ranges from #8008 to #8446.My engine block is number 8446 making it the last one ever produced out of the Factory in Japan.
This is the longest Landcruiser ever made. 15 feet long. 73 Inches wide. 80 Inches tall on the big tires.The restoration was done on a 100% rust free original chassis. Floor pans are originals. Floor bed is original.Seats are very rare on that model and was an option that you could get from Toyota Japan. I was NOT possible to order it ... you had to "know someone" to have those seats. Dignitaries on the Japanese market could get those seats but extremely rare for the European market. There is 2 BJ45 known in Europe with those seats and I own both of them. This is one of the 2.While the 3B engine production ranked from engine # 8008 to # 8446, the BJ45, for the European market had a production serie from #8008 to #8410.Just 402 Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 hit the European soil.VIN in Europe DO NOT have a "I" which could be confused for a "1", nor a "Q" which could be a "Zero" or a "0" (zero) which could be the letter "O".
The production number on my car is #814. NO "0" at the end.
My serial number ends by 841 making my BJ45 the last chassis that ever came out of the factory in Japan.
All together, this is the LAST EVER Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 in motor's production and chassis production.
Few options but still hard to find them.The front seats are a rare option and the rear heater as well.It's equipped with front vented disc brakes and drums in the rear.
The rims are an other option. They were used on Toyota Landcruiser Rally cars featured in the famous race Paris - Dakar in 1983. Instead of the clipped metal rims, this car has a 2 pieces riveted aluminum rims ..... very cool looking a gives a more aggressive attitude.
This is a point I feel the need to emphasize.
Not only this car is very rare and unique, there is also valuable documents coming with the vehicle and there are ALL original to the car .... NOT copies .... NOT prints.
My Documentation:
Original Owner's Manual.
Original Technical Catalogue for BJ Diesel.
Original Maintenance Records up to 40000 Kms.
Original Dealer Locator with the ORIGINAL insurance assistance. (equivalent to AAA)
Original Electrical Schematic.
Original Promotional Brochure for the 4 Series.
Original Purchase Invoice .
My Statement:
Now you know what this car stands for. It's a collector car and will keep getting value from year to year.
I had a immense joy and a privilege to own such a rare car.
I am selling her .... but ..... even if the car is not worth 10 Millions, even if the car is not worth 10 Dollars, this car has a tremendous emotional value.
And that's priceless.
I know for the fact that, once I'll separate from this beauty, I will not get an other one nor I will have a chance to drive her around.
Yes ... two weeks ago I sold my BJ45 Pickup truck that was the last one to come out of the production line.Now .... it's big brother time to go.
I have a free and clear Title under my personal name.
Several of my cars were sold here on Ebay and my feedback reflects the quality of each and every vehicle I have owned. All my vehicle went through the tedious inspections such as Customs, Agricultural, EPA, DOT, Highway Patrol and the DMV.
I can help you with shipping and can keep the car, here, at home, in my garage, for as long as you need, FREE of charges and after it's being paid. See conditions of payment in my listing.
The car is also for sale locally and I can / could terminate the listing without notice.
There is NO limits set as for Best Offer, the amount you will send, will tell me how much you know about those collector cars and/or how much you have in the bank.If you can not afford quality, rarity there is cheaper 4X4 out there.
I have used infos from Toyota-Global web site, Thomas Ulrich who wrote for "Custom Car" magazine, Julian Schmidt who wrote for "Four Wheelers", Toyota Japan and my own paperwork, invoices in order to back up the information listed on this ad.
Feel free to call me (the owner) with any questions 310.735.5355
Happy Bidding
There is around 160+ photos on YouTube and a video.
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