1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel

1982 Volkswagen Rabbit for sale in Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Condition: Used
Item location: Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Rabbit
Year: 1982
Mileage: 178,599
VIN: 1VWBG0179CV095713
Color: Red
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Volkswagen Rabbit 1982

This car has quite a history. It was originally purchased in Hawaii. From there it was shipped to Wisconsin. A few years ago I purchased the car from the gentlemen in Wisconsin and it now drives me around town in Lexington, KY. I've loved driving it for the past few years. Its small, quaint, and gets excellent gas milage. My commute is short so I fill up the tank once a month or so for $17-$20.
The car is old and has quite a few problems:
• The engine works well, I believe it was replaced sometime midlife so it should last a good long while yet. We've had a problem in the past with one of the belts (because the new engine was a slightly different size the belts line up a bit off), but once we replaced it about a year ago it hasn't given me problems since.
• The battery holds a charge pretty well, although the car does struggle to start when temperatures get low. In the winter sometimes I am unable to get it started, but most times it just takes a few tries. Other seasons it starts easily.
• The gas gage doesn't work. So I use the trip meter to tell how much gas I have left. I try to fill up at 200 miles, but it can last at times to 250ish I believe. The milage is great. I'm not sure what the numbers have been lately but I want to say it gets as high as 40-45 miles to the gallon. Thats not all the time, but on the whole the gas savings have been very appreciated.
• The stick shift is a bit "sunken in". It can shift to all gears properly though.
• The e-brake works but I typically park it in 1st gear.
• The seatbelt clasps are missing their enclosures but you are still able to buckle in. Theres a little trick to it where you have to flick the piece manually to let them out. Not hard, just quirky.
• The car drives well although it does shake/rattle a bit at medium speed (though not at high speed).
• Heat/Air do not work.
I have really loved this car but its just time for a new stage of life. If you love old VWs and want something to love and put some work into this would be a great car for you!
Currently the battery is drained/draining. This is a new issue that has shown up sense its been sitting in the driveway.

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