1967 Volkswagen Cal-Look- Bug-Convertible-Gene Berg

1967 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic for sale in Mission, Kansas, United States

Item location: Mission, Kansas, United States
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Convertible
Year: 1967
Mileage: 5009
VIN: 117461745
Color: White
Engine size: 2213cc
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Options: Convertible
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1967

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1967 Volkswagen Cal-Look Bug Convertible—If you want to go out and have some fun in a VW, this is the VW to do it in! This car was built by me OVER 20 years ago. The paint is still incredible and has a deep finish to it. (The only thing I did not do on this car was the body work and the Convertible Top {These were done professionally}). At this time the front end on this car has no pitting or chips in it.

Out back in the Engine department the original tired 1500 cc engine was replaced to a ALL NEW (in 1998) GENE BERG 2213cc, it is putting out an estimated 120-150hp. The detail spec's specs for this Berg power plant is below. Many of these GENE BERG components are no longer available for purchase at ANY price. (As they quit producing a lot of these components). This GENE BERG engine was purchased years ago, and both the CAR and the engine just turned over 5000 miles since the resto-custom was completed in 1998. The paint still appears immaculate other than the small scratch by the driver's door (see photo with arrow in it), plus and I ran over something with the front end of the car and there is some damage in the trunk area, in the spare tire wheel well(the black spot), which I have never had repaired (see photo's-this is not visible, from standing outside, the front of the car).

The Haartz Stayfast Canvas convertible top is still like new (since completion this car has not spent any time outside other than for driving and car shows). Before the convertible top was installed the convertible top frame was sand blasted and powder coated (see photo's). (I have no idea what the holes are for in the convertible top frame channel (photos).

Probably the most significant sign of wear on this car is the headliner which shows soiling/dustiness with the darker dirt collecting on it.

The carpet/Sewfine seats are like new, as well you would never guess they are 20 years old too!

The steering wheel is a genuine EMPI GTV-It is in Excellent condition (See photo's below of horn button-out of steering wheel).

In the fun department-The engine was a NEW Dual oil relief Type 1 case, which was spot faced, and filled with a Gene Berg 86mm counter-weightedcrankshaft and 90.5mm CIMA pistons. Inside a Gene Berg 297 cam rotates to make the valves sing. New Gene Berg ported, polished and cc'd heads (completed by Clyde Berg himself) with 40mm x 37.5mm valves, was installed. Fuel delivery is completed byDual Weber carbs (42 DCNFs), these were mated intake manifolds that have been ported and polished to the heads, as well. A Gene Berg 1 5/8" exhaust gets the exhaust gases out. This exhaust was also HPC coated.

Note: There is no heater on this car! Performance waschosenover heat!

Engine oiling is completed with a Full flow oiling system via a Berg pump/cover.Filtering is done via a Shawn GEERS Billet Aluminum reusable filter, which is tucked up under the left rear fender. To keep things cool thefan shroud, is a Thing (181) shroud which has since been modified for the Type IV oil cooler to make sure everything stays cool. It also has a 3 1/2 quart deep sump for reserve oil. When you jump on the gas, a Berg traction bar keeps everything on the ground. A lightened flywheel was installed and is wedgemated to an eight dowel pined BERG crankshaft. The engine received a full balance job, as well!

Engine was assembled with the following Gene Berg components:

· GB 014 .....90.5 P/C Kit

· GB 111B.....Gasket Set

· GB 113A.....Flywheel Seal

· GB 114.....Flywheel O'ring

· GB 150A.....Main Bearings

· GB 157..... Adapter bearing

· GB 163 .......Rod bearings

· GB 165-DT.....Cam Bearings

· GB 188DFO.....86mm C/W Crank/Fly .

· GB 193P-5500 Carrillo clearanced rods

· GB 202.....Gland Nut & Washer

· GB 210A..... Oil Sump

· GB 227A.....Oil Temp sensor-Type III version

· GB 233A.....Oil Pump

· GB 246A.....Full Flow Kit

· GB 297.....Camshaft

· GB 324-TORCO.....Cam Lube

· GB 325M.....Cam Followers

· GB 330.....Cam Gear

· GB 340NUT.....8mm Jam Nuts

· GB 341A.....Set of Adjusting Screws

· GB 405.....Rocker Shaft Kit

· GB 422-11060.....Pushrods

· GB 440AE pulley.....Stock Size Achiever Pulley

· GB 450.... Linkage for dual carb's

· GB 645AB.... Traction Bar

· GB 479U 42DCNF Dual Weber Carb's kit .

· GB 500.....Velocity stacks-for above

· GB 585.....Dual Intake Manifolds-for above

· GB 620..... Blue Coil

· GB 622 D....6500 rpm rev limiter

· GB 622.....009 Distributor .

· GB 903.....Exhaust Header .

o HPC coating for above

· GB 856-ported & polished heads w/upgrade match ports of intake manifolds

GB KIT-125.....Nut & Bolt Kit

· GB KIT-140.....Timing Gear Kit

· GB 7200....Welded fan

· GB 7300....Type IV Cooler conversion

· VW 021-117-021B Type IV Oil Cooler

· VWB 040-101-1572.....Cam Seal

· ACC 480614.... Faucet Fuel Pumpx2

· LA BAL021-4.....Balance Pistons

· LA BAL024.....Balance Pulley

· LA CASE015.....Bore Case

· LA CAM017 extra cam clearance, case is clearanced and tanged.

· LA CASE038.....Drill/Tap Case & Install Fitting

· THING Dog house(1973)-non heat Fan Shroud

Welded Dog house fan

· Starter override

· New Bosch Generator

· Fuel pressure regulator.

· GB 6710 Gene Berg Shifter

· Wedge mate crank to flywheel

· VWB 043-101-025.....New Dual oil pressure AS41 Brazilian Case

· VWA311109335S8.....Push rod Tubes

· VW 113-198-033.....OP Relief Kit

· VW 043-198-035P.....Head Stud Kit

· GBSOPT-1Spot face Case halves for over sized bolts.

Transmission in the car is a stock VW swing axle trans. However it is coupled to a GENE BERG shifter which makes shifting this car a breeze.

(This transmission cannot handle burnouts-it will NOT last If Burnouts are done-It has lasted 20 years behind this engine with NO problems).

The front end was narrowed 3". "Avis-adjusters" were also installed and 2 1/2" dropped CB spindles were also added out front. With all this extra power, the brakes needed some upgrades as well. So a set of disc brakes from a donor Karmann Ghia were added. In the rear a Sway Away Camber Compensator was added to prevent the rear wheels from tucking under, along with safety straps on the Shocks. The rear end was lowered by turning two clicks of the rear torsion bars, along with extra braking force applied by a set of Type 3 brakes monster brakes out back. Wheels are 15" 5.5" chromies with 205/65/15 rubber out back and 185/55/15s up front.

A Youtube video of the car can be seen @https://youtu.be/R9LOm-CUPPE

Photo's above in the ebay photo galley were taken right after the car was completed in 1998!

Photo's here in this text box are how the car sits today (what you are purchasing).

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