1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible Clone Frame Off Restoration 30k in Parts Alone

1966 Pontiac GTO for sale in West Linn, Oregon, United States

Item location: West Linn, Oregon, United States
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Type: Convertible
Year: 1966
Mileage: 3,500
VIN: 5037238214
Color: Barrier Blue
Engine size: 400
Number of cylinders: 8
Transmission: Both
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: White
Options: Convertible
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Pontiac GTO 1966

Hi Folks,

Up for sale is a 1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible Clone. This car has roughly $30,000 in new parts installed on it alone, excluding the nice rust free body I started with that cost over 10k. As you will see in the photos, I gave it a complete frame off restoration with many modern parts with the intention of driving it. I have owned trailer queens in the past, but they sat in the garage for fear of dirt and wear and tear. I set this car up to enjoy with modern steering parts, 4 wheel power disk brakes and a few other mods. It received a frame off restoration a few years back, and I have managed to put all of 3500 miles on it. But alas, I am downsizing and must shed 5 or 6 cars.

This car has a fairly stock 400 (.040 over) with a Comp Cams 260H Cam and is set up to run reliably (and cool) on pump gas. It's running a new Stage One Quadrajet (Jet brand) and it was set up professionally by Majhor Murray here in Portland. I have since checked the AF ratios at highway speeds and under load and its set up well with plenty of advance timing. I think you could get 13 MPG if you could keep your foot out of it.

It is originally a standard transmission car, and I have it currently set up as an automatic, but every part is there to return it to a standard. With a 3:23 rear end it is very happy on the freeway, and with the modern positive caster tube control arms and new Delphi steering box it tracks very nicely. The color combination is stunning with the Barrier blue and white interior (white, not parchment). It's running a mild cam that delivers good performance but doesn't lope aggressively at stop signs, and provides enough vacuum to run the 4 wheel power disk brakes. It stops excellent. I had it originally set up with a more aggressive cam, so there is an air pump buried in the system just in case someone wanted to go back to a rowdy cam.

As you will see in the photos and the materials list, pretty much everything on this car is new. You could not build this car yourself for what I am asking. It might be easier to say that I didn't rebuild the rear axle gears. Everything else that moves was replaced or restored.

I am running a standard Pontiac starter, and it has never given me hot start problems. I have made a few mods to ensure hot starts including the oversized cable and Ford starter solenoid solution. Temps here in Portland OR can get into the high 90's, and the car is only driven in the summers.

The body was a very rust free and straight Nevada car. The paint work still looks excellent and hasn't been sanded and rubbed since I completed it in 2011/12. It's very straight and flat. It was completely stripped to bare metal, primed with DTM epoxy primers and finished in base coat/ clear coat. There's plenty of clear on it if you decided to go at it again. There are a couple of small chips on the nose and one or two on the rear, but otherwise it's blemish free. The stereo sounds excellent and it has a subwoofer concealed under the driver's seat. The front speakers are concealed under the dash and there's an amp in the trunk. The wiring is very tidy throughout the car. The doors close properly and the power top and mechanics are all new. The top frame is beautifully restored. The car is stored with the top down so the wrinkles will take a day or two in the sun to come out but it is tight. The top and interior still smell brand new.

Again, the car comes with the automatic transmission installed. I installed it thinking my wife and daughters might enjoy driving it, but at the end of the day they couldn't see over the dash. It has a moderately high stall converter so it launches very well with the 3:23 rear end. Both transmissions were rebuilt by a well-respected shop here in Oregon. The TH350 has a moderate shift kit in it so the shift is firm and it will break loose in 2nd if asked. The clutch and pressure plate are there, and have about 1500 miles on them, but the flywheel does show some signs of heating. It might be resurfaceable but these parts are not expensive. All of these parts come with the car. I also have other spares as shown in the photos. There are 2 spare tires, one mounted. The rear tires are slightly wider than the fronts, so you essentially have 2 extra rear tires. These are diamondback redwalls on BFG's.

It has a 2.5" dual exhaust with an H Pipe. The intake crossover is blocked to eliminate fuel boil. It has resonators to tone it down, but those could be easily removed if you wanted to terrorize the neighbors.

I am happy to assist with shipping. I think all of the extra items should ship safely in the car, given the trunk size. No disappointments. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the car, I simply require payment for the ad to rerun.

There are over a hundred photos of the car, restoration, and spare parts you can see on my flickr account link below.


I am sure I have missed some parts in the list below, and I have not included any of the general or preventive maintenance expenses. I have all of the receipts for the items listed here sans a few items that you can clearly see are new and on the car. The prices have gone up a lot on this stuff since I did this car.

Rust Free Body$ 11,000.00

Sand Blasting (soda blast.com)$ 950.00

Engine Rebuild$ 1,845.00

Tualatin Transmission TH 350$ 1,000.00

Tualatin Transmission M20$ 625.00

Shiftworks Kit$ 300.00

BOP Engineering $ 85.87

K&N Spectre Kit$ 159.00

Hellwig Stabilizer

Gasket Kit$ 67.99

Comp Cam$ 135.44

Solid State Regulator$ 27.66

Orielly ignition module$ 39.99

Alignment Schwab$ 154.25

Ames Performance

Door clips$ 6.00

Door grommets$ 10.00

Door emblems$ 29.00

Jam edge$ 8.00

Pillar caps$ 17.00

Mirror screws$ 6.00

Rear Ash Tray set$ 39.00

Rally Gauge Package$ 399.00

Padded dash$ 199.00

Dash Wood $ 95.00

Console lens$ 9.00

Console lamp/lens$ 19.00

Glove box$ 12.00

1/4 Arm Rest Lens Pr$ 11.00

Courtesy lens$ 16.00

Headlight Doors$ 179.00

Headlight Door Mtg. Kit$ 8.00

GTO Park lenses$ 35.00

Plate mount$ 3.50

Underhood Lamp Kit$ 35.00

Screw Kite WWM$ 5.50

Door handles$ 79.00

Door latch screw kit$ 4.00

Door lock gasket kit$ 5.50

Door wedge Kit$ 42.00

Door bumpers$ 12.00

Jam switches$ 14.00

Crank handles$ 28.00

Crank washers$ 6.00

Inside door handle $ 12.00

Door lock pulls$ 5.50

Pull ferrules$ 4.00

Glass channel cvt. $ 105.00

Door seal cvt. $ 59.00

Vent sash channel$ 29.00

Rear sash channel$ 8.00

Sill mouldings$ 62.00

GTO Moulding kit$ 269.00

RPM clip set$ 16.00

Wiper seal$ 5.00

Convertible top$ 259.00

Top well$ 57.00

Tack strip$ 12.00

Front tack strip$ 24.00

Header bow edging$ 8.00

Convetible top cylinders$ 318.00

Quarter window handles$ 28.00

Window roller set$ 20.00

Weatherstrip adhesive$ 9.00

Trunk seal$ 75.00

Lid lock gasket$ 1.50

Gas cap$ 10.00

Gas tank$ 235.00

Sending unit$ 50.00

stereo speaker for original loc$ 34.00

Temp sending unit for rally gauge$ 14.00

Oil sending unit for rally gauge$ 32.00

Horns$ 40.00

Alt 55 Amp$ 55.00

Fuel Pump fitting$ 5.50

High performance fuel pump (8-18)$ 95.00

Original fuel pump (Ames) $ 33.00

Filter$ 8.00

Fuel filter bracket$ 11.00

Exhaust studs$ 16.00

Plug wire brackets$ 30.00

Plugs$ 20.00

Filter (3)$ 21.00

Breather cap$ 8.00

Drain plug/seal$ 8.00

Radiator hose lwr$ 18.00

Bulbs $ 29.00

Deck lid moulding set$ 22.00

Exhaust hangars$ 22.00

Exhaust hangars$ 24.50

Exhaust hangars$ 24.50

Backup lamps$ 34.00

Backup lamp lenses$ 20.00

Hood bumpers$ 8.00

1/4 hard weatherstrips$ 20.00

license lamp$ 8.00

Engine paint$ 7.00

Rally 1 Wheel set (5)$ 1,045.00

Bump stop kit$ 24.00

Decals$ 16.00

Fender bumpers$ 4.00

Parking brake guides$ 10.00

Seat kit$ 289.00

Rear seat panel set$ 29.00

1/4 interior kit$ 199.00

Arm rest covers$ 59.00

Arm rest pads$ 35.00

Convertible top boot$ 155.00

Upper radiator hose$ 25.00

Lwr radiator inner spring$ 5.00

Heater hose$ 15.00

Clamps $ 7.00

Pedal pads$ 10.00

Park pedal pad$ 8.00

Accelerator pad$ 15.00

Trim plates for pedals$ 28.00

Pedal bumpers$ 3.00

Shift boot$ 14.00

Backup switch$ 29.00

Shift knob$ 18.00

Clutch spring$ 18.50

Parking brake cable$ 19.00

Tension rod$ 8.00

Power steering pump$ 69.00

PS Pressure hose$ 55.00

Return hose $ 16.00

Stabilizer bushings$ 10.00

T Stat$ 14.00

Washer hose$ 3.00

Brake pedal trim$ 11.00

Clutch bushing $ 3.00

Owners manual$ 12.00

Top Manual$ 7.00

Rear seat padding$ 59.00

Molded seat piping set$ 99.00

Signal lens, high lens dash$ 4.00

Headlamps$ 32.00

LH Door handle$ 12.00

Reveal pin screws$ 4.50

Door jam seals$ 18.00

Throttle cable$ 42.00

Pins/ hardware$ 14.50

PCV valve / grommet$ 10.50

Vacuum plug kit$ 3.50

Oil pan reinforcement brkts$ 11.00

Nylon comp straps$ 4.00

Core support retainers$ 9.00

Glass channel weatherstrips$ 105.00

Pillar Post W/S PR$ 59.00

Front bumper$ 359.00

Speedo cable$ 24.00

Brown gear$ 12.00

Delphi 600 steering box$ 569.00

Front coil springs$ 109.00

Plastic clips$ 5.00

Trunk spatter$ 26.00

Zinc Phosphate $ 14.00

Trans bolt kit$ 6.50

Torque converter bolt kit$ 3.00

Park brake handle$ 9.00

Horn emblem$ 37.00

Turn signal switch$ 65.00

Shroud$ 109.00

Wood wheel horn button$ 75.00

Horn contact kit$ 5.00

Horn switch$ 19.00

Vent knobs$ 11.00

Console light$ 18.00

Parking light lens pair$ 7.00

Door strikers$ 22.00

Fender emblems$ 58.00

Hood hinge bolt kit$ 4.50

Lower hinges (door)$ 105.00

Door hinge repair kit$ 18.00

Outside mirrors$ 94.00

Deck lid emblem$ 20.00

Quarter emblems$ 38.00

Tail panel letters $ 49.00

Wood wheel collar $ 35.00

Sunshade bushing kit$ 18.00

GM decals$ 4.00

Clutch rod clip$ 3.00

Transmission mount$ 17.00

Center link$ 109.00

Stabilizer kit$ 17.00

Body mounts$ 106.00

Body mount hardware kit$ 20.00

Tube Control Arms$ 450.00

4 Whl Disk Brake Spindles and kit (Right Stuff)$ 1,500.00

Master cylinder$ 75.00

Power brake booster$ 125.00

Flow Cooler water pump$ 89.00

Stainless divider$ 29.00

Sleeve kit$ 17.00

Exhaust tips$ 75.00

Starter$ 95.00

Engine mounts standard$ 18.00

Engine mount polyurethane$ 100.00

A frame seals$ 12.00

Clutch rod seal$ 10.00

Park cable$ 75.00

Rear axle cover gasket$ 6.00

Sunvisor kit$ 79.00

Dimmer switch$ 10.00

Ignition with key$ 15.00

Column seal$ 5.00

Sport wheel spokes$ 60.00

Bumper bolt kit$ 15.00

Headlamp adjust kit$ 12.00

Grille header panel$ 159.00

GTO grilles$ 100.00

Hood arrowhead$ 24.00

Hoot studs$ 7.50

Tail Lamps$ 150.00

Hood pad$ 22.00

Convertible top roof rail guide$ 20.00

Convertible top pump$ 255.00

Convetible top hose kit$ 109.00

Fluid$ 15.00

Rear bumper$ 359.00

Rear lamp harness$ 129.00

Clutch fork boot$ 13.00

Pilot bearing $ 15.00

37 tooth driven gear$ 19.00

Stereo $ 159.00

H pipe$ 39.99

BOP One piece gasket$ 62.49

Kickdown kit$ 45.97

Plug wire kit$ 35.00

Flexplate$ 81.97

Infinity speakers$ 75.68

Kenwood sub$ 15.59

Cap, rotor, coil$ 102.97

Autozone, fluids, clamps, batt cables$ 101.04

Napa belts, fuel line$ 60.04

ARP bolts$ 16.00

Timing cover$ 159.99

Trans fluid$ 41.47

Fan clutch$ 42.99

Battery$ 109.00

Tach pigtail$ 10.51

Car cover$ 49.00

Concealed antenna$ 25.00

Concealed antenna cable$ 7.80

Rear carpet kit (trunk)$ 235.00

Seat belt kit$ 366.50

Choke kit$ 21.65

Column bearing$ 48.74

Lamp switch$ 15.96

2.5" Exhaust$ 219.40

Flor mats$ 101.00

Vacuum gauge$ 106.00

Fuse block$ 16.10

Bilstein shocks front$ 115.00

Air shocks rear$ 125.00

Windshield$ 150.00

Windshield install kit$ 33.29

Door lock$ 20.69

Turn signal running park light$ 48.89

Trunk mouldings$ 123.99

Fan blade $ 48.72

Vacuum T$ 11.95

Carb Gasket$ 6.97

Head nipple$ 20.95

Adjustable HEI advance $ 19.95

Resonators$ 69.98

LED lighting$ 25.00

GTO tail panel$ 311.95

BFG Redlines 6 (2 spares for rear)$ 1,200.00

Paint materials (reciepts total 2x this amount)$ 1,500.00

Sanding supplies$ 400.00

Mount and balance$ 81.00

Kenwood amp$ 129.35

Wheel vintiques$ 34.67

Pinion seal$ 5.95

Jet Carb$ 420.00

Carpet kit$ 235.00

Majhor Murray set up$ 473.00

Tie rod ends$ 105.98

Radiator cap$ 5.00

vacuum pump kit$ 213.00

Pioneer speakers$ 155.50

Radiator service$ 257.50

Downpipes$ 133.00

Rebuilt drive shaft$ 245.00

Clutch set$ 119.00

Flat base $ 39.95

Pilot bearing $ 3.95

Flex disk$ 43.35

Blasting rental for frame$ 351.78

Pin striping $ 125.00

Jack kit$ 45.00

Total$ 39,159.36



1973 400

040 over

6X Heads

Performer aluminum intake

Roller Rockers

Comp Cams 260H Cam

HEI ignition

Stage 1 Quadrajet


0178 BJM

77 Primary

46k needle rod

Sold by Jet as a Stage 1 Pontiac

Electric choke works properly

Fresh air intake system

Ethanol resistant fuel pump

Rear end 3:23

Manual transmission M20 4 Spd

P 0301 10 spline

3846429 tail housing

Automatic Transmission

TH350 with moderate shift kit

New high stall torque converter

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