1969 Chevrolet SS 350 Convertible original LeMans Blue same owner since 90's

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS CONVERTIBLE for sale in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Item location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Type: Convertible
Trim: Convertible
Year: 1969
Mileage: 999,999
VIN: 124679N519199
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 12 Bolt
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1969

1969 CAMARO SS CONVERTIBLE Solid Oklahoma Car SOLID 69 SS CONVERTIBLE PROJECT The first series of pictures will show the basic 10 footers of the car. Closer pics showing details will be shown later below. The title is an Oklahoma title in my name and is clear and free of any liens. etc. so you should not have any unusual problems in bringing the title into your name. A GREAT START FOR A SERIOUS RESTORATION If you are tired of looking at rusted out northern or coastal bodies then take some time and look over the pictures of the undersides included further below. Many are close ups showing how rust free this car is. Here are some recent 10 footers to show you what you is offered. As you can see. the car was involved in a fender bender causing some damage. INTERIOR As you can see here. the interior includes original 1st gen seats - not always shown in various pictures. but included - which will need recovering. Here is a closer picture showing the back seat. which is correct for a 1st gen convertible. Here is a picture of the front floorpan and dash area. View from a different angle Overall view of floorpan area. with seats removed so you can see condition of seat pans Closer view of rear seat pan area ENGINE COMPARTMENT To my knowledge. the engine is not original. Here are some close ups. From this first pic you can see that car has front disc brakes. Other side of compartment Trim Tag. Car was produced prior to the December introduction of the use of X codes for Norwood vehicles. so no X code here. However car does have front discs and a 12 bolt. as would be found on a SS. DOOR JAM AREAS Showing close ups of door jam areas since they frequently are rusted out – especially for northern or coastal area vehicles. Rear LH jam area Front LH jam area Front RH jam area TRUNK AREA Trunk area still has a lot of the original spatter paint. as you can see here (LH wheelwell area) Close up of RH wheelwell area in trunk Back LH area of trunk. where the rear leaf spring would attach below. A lot of Camaros tend to rust out in this area. RH side of trunk. same area Picture showing the center front area of trunk pan as well as a close up of the back of the metal back seat brace Moving out a little. here is a view of the LH side of the lower trunk pan as well as other areas. Same thing. but RH side UNDERSIDES – FLOORPANS & ROCKERS Here is a picture of the underside of LH side floorpan and underside bracing . Also gives you a good view of the underside of the rocker area. Same thing. RH side WHEELWELL AREAS FROM UNDERNEATH LH wheelwell. towards the bottom. looking forward. Note original drain plug still intact - you can still see. under the dirt. the original LeMans blue color of this car. Here you can get a good view of the shock tower condition as well as the condition of the frame rail in this area - the LH side. Here. from below. is a good picture of the underside of the RH frame rail and also the shock tower on the RH side of the car. Moving to the very front of the frame rail area. this is a picture of where the front of RH leaf spring attaches to body. LH side showing where front of LH leaf spring attaches to body. Also very close up view of portion of underside of rocker area. 12 BOLT As shown here. car has a 12 bolt. THANKS FOR LOOKING PICKUP INFORMATION Local pickup to be in Oklahoma. Buyer will need to bring wheels/tires since the ones on the car are old and will not hold air. BEING SOLD ‘AS IS’ Sold ‘AS IS’ with no warranty. either expressed. written. or implied. Some pictures may show other cars and various loose parts in and outside of the car which do not belong to this car. Neither the parts or the adjacent vehicles or buildings pictured in this listing are included as a part of this auction. Wheels/tires may be different from those pictured unless noted otherwise. Any wheels/tires on the car are so old and rotten as to be totally useless for loading/unloading and tires will slide off rims if not already off rims. DEPOSIT Payment of deposit is to be within 24 hours of close of auction. and is to be made as explained in the Terms of Sale below. This deposit is non refundable. BALANCE The balance due is required as explained in the Terms of Sale. PICKUP TO BE IN OKLAHOMA Please note that the item is located in Oklahoma and that pickup will be there. Pickup can not be made prior to receipt of full payment. Any pick up date will have to be MUTUALLY agreed upon. Pick up is to be no later than 21 days after close of auction unless mutually agreed upon to be otherwise. TITLE/LOADING ISSUES Upon completion of the transaction. as noted in the Terms of Sale. you will be given the Oklahoma title which is in my name and is free and clear and is not some salvage title. I do not have a current year tag for the car. which if deemed necessary. is to be the responsibility of the Buyer. Car has no brakes. etc. and tires are probably off rims and will not hold air. so loading may be difficult. Please plan accordingly and provide the necessary means and manpower. If using a transport please advise them of the loading issues. The car is easily accessible for loading. RETURN POLICY If for ANY REASON you find the item to be unacceptable you will be refunded the purchase price paid minus your deposit. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstance. Should you send a transport to pick up the item you will have an option to return it but will have to pay the costs of transport. The Return Policy is covered in greater detail in the Terms of Sale below. TERMS OF SALE The car. project car. parts car. or collection of parts in the above description/listing shall herein be referred to as the "item". The seller of the item has the ebay name of ragtoproy and shall herein be referred to as the "Seller". Seller has the full and unrestricted right to cancel any/or all bids at any time of listing. to include doing so by removing/cancelling the listing. with no recourse or penalty from any bidder/buyer or potential bidder/buyer. Any potential Buyer. by bidding on item. confirms that he/she is in agreement with all terms listed herein both above and below and thereby confirms acceptance of this as a legally binding contract. The successful bidder shall herein referred to as the "Buyer". BUYER'S REQUIREMENTS: Buyer confirms that he/she is of legal age and is a resident of and currently living in the continental USA. If Buyer has less than 10 feedback Seller has the right to reject the bid per the Terms herein. DEPOSIT: A deposit of eight hundred dollars ($800. 00) is required within 24 hours of auction close. to be through payment methods noted below. Should the required deposit not be received within 48 hours Seller shall have right to offer to and sell the item to other bidders or non-bidders immediately after the 72nd hour. If proper deposit payment has not been received by the end of the 48th hour the Buyer will be considered to be in default of the Terms of Sale contract and will both have lost any right to the item and be subject to damages due to the Seller from such default. This deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. PAYMENT DUE BEFORE PICK UP: No payment upon pick up allowed. PAYMENT TIMING: Deposit as noted above is required within 24 hours of auction close. to be through approved payment methods. The remaining balance is due prior to pickup and within seven days of the close of the auction. whichever shall occur first. No payment upon pickup. Should the item not be fully paid for by end of seven days from close of auction. Buyer will lose all rights to the item. to include loss of his/her initial deposit unless Buyer and Seller mutually agree upon an extension through e-mail. PAYMENT METHODS: Payment can be made with any of the following: (a) Wire transfer to Seller's bank or (b) direct deposit into Seller's Bank of America account. Except for the initial deposit. Seller will not accept Pay Pal unless Buyer agrees to pay the associated fees. If Seller is in doubt. for any reason whatsoever. as to the validity of the transfer or payment. Seller reserves the right to delay pickup until verification from Seller's bank that said payment has properly cleared. No cash payments. Should Buyer choose to submit full payment as one sum and do so within 72 hours. Buyer shall still be considered as having made a deposit and a final payment so as to be eligible for a refund as detailed below. should one become necessary. AS IS: This item is being sold ‘AS IS” and “WHERE IS” with no warranty. either expressed. written. or implied. The Seller shall not be responsible for the correct description. authenticity. genuineness. or defects herein. and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or contract set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness. imperfection. defect or damage. Any and all descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty or guaranty of any type. TITLE & ACCEPTANCE OF SALE: When notified by Buyer of acceptance of item. Seller will through USPS Priority Mail send the Oklahoma title to the Buyer. provided properly approved receipt by Seller of full payment from Buyer has been made. Should the Buyer desire faster service such as overnight. such costs shall be those of the Buyer. Car does not have a current tag. Costs and responsibility for obtaining such are to be those of the Buyer. ACCEPTANCE: Seller will await Buyer’s Acceptance of item before signing and mailing title. Once the title is signed. item has in effect become the property of the Buyer. As such. a return is not allowed from that point forward. PICKUP: Pickup will be allowed only after full payment has been received and approved as detailed above by Seller. Buyer is responsible for arranging for and paying for transport and shipping costs. with pickup being at Seller’s place in Oklahoma. Pickup shall be made within 21 days of close of auction and shall be a date mutually agreed upon between Buyer and Seller to include storage fees if pickup is scheduled beyond 21 days after close of auction. Should the car not be picked up within 21 days of close of auction. Buyer will lose all rights to the car. to include loss of his/her initial deposit unless Buyer and Seller mutually agree upon an extension through e-mail. Should Buyer lose rights to the car. any monies received by Seller in excess of initial base fee would be refunded to Buyer. less any Pay Pal or wire fees incurred by Seller. NOTICE OF PICKUP: Buyer or Buyer's transport shall provide Seller with at least a 48 hour notice of proposed time of pickup. Seller shall have the right to reject the proposed pickup time. should such time be inconvenient. but will be required to offer Buyer or Buyer's transport a different pickup time. or times so that both parties may negotiate a mutually acceptable pickup time. Buyer. or Buyer's transport shall not proceed with any pickup plans until Seller has responded to and either accepted the proposed pickup time. or negotiated a mutually acceptable alternative pickup time. Should Buyer or Buyer's transport fail to provide proper notice. and/or fail to wait for and receive acceptance by Seller of pickup time or a negotiated alternative. Seller shall be held blameless by Buyer and/or Buyer's transport for failure of Seller to be present at Seller's place of pickup and failure of Seller to allow for proper access for pickup. RETURN POLICY: No refunds are allowable after Acceptance of Item by Buyer. If not yet accepted and Title not yet received. refunds. as detailed herein. are allowed after inspection by Buyer or by Buyer’s representative. No refunds of initial deposit. If item is rejected upon a timely inspection. balance of payments over and above the stated deposit amount made by Buyer to the Seller are to be refunded by Seller to Buyer within 10 days of satisfactory return of the item subject to limitations described herein. Seller shall be allowed to reduce the refund amount due to the Buyer for any Pay Pal fees incurred by Seller. Refunds to be in the form of a Cashier's Check and to be made upon completion of Buyer's responsibilities as regards return policies stated herein. Under no circumstances are any costs incurred by the Buyer in conjunction with picking up or returning the item to be considered refundable. For a refund to be allowable the item must be verified by Seller to be in exact condition as it was prior to arrival by Buyer or Buyer’s transport company for pickup and Buyer must have returned Title to Seller in a form identical to which it was issued to Buyer should an unsigned Title have been sent to Buyer. IF USING LOCAL PICKUP: Buyer is required to notify Seller of intent to refuse item prior to loading the item. If Buyer inspects item. it shall be left in exact condition as it was prior to inspection for a refund to be allowable per the terms herein this Agreement. Once item is inspected transaction is complete and no refunds are allowed. IF USING A TRANSPORT: Buyer shall inspect the item within 24 hours of delivery by transport or 96 hours from time of pickup by transport. whichever shall occur first. Should the Buyer find. upon delivery and inspection of the item. that the item is unsatisfactory. the Buyer shall notify the Seller of such within 24 hours of delivery drop off for a refund to be allowable per the terms herein this Agreement. Buyer shall be responsible for all costs of transport - including the cost of return transport and loading/unloading to return the item. The item must be returned to the Seller in the identical condition as it was at the time of pickup by the transport or the refund will be disallowed. Seller shall not be responsible for any damages or loss incurred during transport or loading or unloading. INSPECTION POLICY: An inspection either at the Seller's place in Oklahoma or at the Buyer's place of delivery if using a transport. does not allow for the removal of or modifying of any part of the car. as the car must be left in the same condition after inspection as it was prior to inspection. Any such violation of this will require the Buyer to complete the purchase – similar to a “you break it you buy it” policy. LOCAL PICKUP INSPECTION - Buyer. if not using a contracted transport. is to inspect the item. prior to loading on the day of pickup – either in person or through a representative. Said inspection shall be at a mutually arranged time and is to be at the Seller’s place in Oklahoma and is to be at the time of pickup. Costs of inspection shall be those of the Buyer. Should. upon a timely inspection. the Buyer find the item unsatisfactory. the Buyer is not required to complete the purchase. but will lose his/her initial deposit. IF USING A TRANSPORT - Buyer shall have 24 hours from time of delivery drop off or 96 hours from time of pickup by his transport. whichever shall occur first. to inspect the item and notify Seller if item is found to be unsatisfactory. After this 24 hour period no returns are allowed and transaction shall be considered complete. Any and all costs of inspection shall be the responsibility of the Buyer. LOADING/TRANSPORT: Buyer shall hire and be responsible for any and all costs of loading/unloading and transport. Seller shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen costs such as those of a wrecker to load the item onto a trailer or transport. Any damages in loading or transport shall be the responsibility of the Buyer as Seller is not responsible once either the Buyer or transport company begins the process of loading the item. Should Buyer be returning the item. any damages in transport or reloading shall also be the responsibility of the Buyer as Seller requires that any return item be delivered back to Seller in identical condition to that of the item just prior to pick up. Any difference in condition shall void the Buyer's right to a refund. NOT INCLUDED; Any parts. other vehicles. buildings. etc. in the background of any picture of this listing are NOT included. Any parts on or within the car which are not specifically noted as being a part of the car being listed are also not included. PHS documentation. although shown. is not included. WHEELS & TIRES: No wheels or tires unless pictured. Tires/wheels. if pictured. should be assumed to be unable to hold air and to be totally unusable for loading or unloading. Buyer shall be responsible for providing proper and usable tires/wheels should they be deemed necessary for loading/unloading. SELLER’S LIABILITY: Seller is to be held totally blameless. This includes. but is not limited to. circumstances. maintenance. restoration. loss of time. loss of profits. attorney fees. damages of any kind. loss of use. or other incidental damages at any time. past. present. or future due to this transaction. All questions concerning the construction. validity. and interpretation of Seller’s Terms of Sale. the dealing of the parties as regards this transaction. and the performance of the obligations imposed by this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida or Oklahoma as deemed prudent by the Seller. Any suit or action involving any dispute or matter arising from any interpretation of. element of. or other part of the dealing of the parties shall be only brought in the Court choice of the Seller. Further. the parties hereby agree that venue in any such court is proper. and the parties hereby consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction by any such court with respect. INSURANCE & OTHER FEES: None provided. as item is local pickup only. either by Buyer or his/her representative. Seller is not to be held responsible for the security of the item after the close of the successful auction. Seller reserves the rights of listing per Ebay rules. Please bid accordingly.

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